Will A Truck Rollover Accident Attorney Handle Communication With The Other Party’s Insurance Company?

Will a truck rollover accident attorney handle communication with the other party’s insurance company?  

When a truck crashes into a passenger vehicle, it can cause catastrophic injuries. The victims of such an accident will need to get generous compensation that covers their medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial costs. The goal is to get them back on their feet financially so they can focus on recovery and move forward with their lives. This is why it is important to choose an experienced lawyer who will negotiate with the trucking company and its insurance company to get you the full amount you deserve. 

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A Green Bay truck rollover accident attorney at Sigman, Janssen, Sewall, Pitz & Burkham has experience handling these types of cases and will handle all communication with the other parties involved. He will also ensure that every insurance policy and source of funds is identified and pursued. Truck drivers and their employers carry large insurance policies and typically have excess liability coverage to protect their assets in case of a serious accident. 

It is essential to act quickly after a crash involving a commercial truck. The insurance companies for the trucking company and driver will start working very quickly to find ways to avoid responsibility and minimize your claim. You must report the crash to the police and get medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that your injuries are properly diagnosed and documented. Once you have completed your treatment, the legal team at Sigman Janssen can start to investigate the accident and determine if you have a case. 

How Is Fault Proven in a Truck Crash?

In any vehicular accident, the injured party must prove that the defendant failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances. This could include driving the truck or tractor-trailer at an excessive speed, failing to maintain their vehicle properly, causing an accident by making an improper turn, or other similar actions. If you can show the truck driver and their employer acted negligently, you will have the evidence needed to file a claim for damages. 

The trucking company and their insurance company will try to pin the accident on you, because they know that you have an attorney and they will be required to pay a much higher settlement than if they were at fault. A former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer like Carl Nagle will make sure that you don’t fall for these tactics. 

Who Else Could Be Held Liable for the Accident?

The accident may not only be the trucker’s fault, but it could also be the responsibility of their employer or even the truck manufacturer. Depending on the facts and circumstances, it might be necessary to investigate and analyze if the accident was caused by a mechanical failure or a design flaw in the truck. 

If the trucking company or independent truck driver was negligent in hiring, maintaining, or repairing the vehicle, they could be held liable. The trucking company may be responsible for limiting background checks and scheduling restrictions for their drivers. Similarly, the truck manufacturer could be held liable if they knew of a dangerous defect in the truck and did not issue a recall. 

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