Why Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Why Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are several different factors to consider. These factors can include Line splitting, inattention, and failure of the motorist to notice the motorcycle. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent these accidents from happening. Below are four tips that will help you avoid them. You can also check out the state’s motorcycle laws for additional information. 

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Line splitting 

One of the most common reasons motorcycle accidents happen is lane splitting. This is when one motorcycle tries to take a shortcut between two lanes of traffic. This is illegal and puts the motorcycle operator at an increased risk of an accident. Cars and trucks tend to sideswipe motorcycles in this situation. 

Failure of motorists to detect motorcyclists 

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who do not detect motorcycles. They often fail to check their blind spots or turn signals when they are driving, which can put the motorcyclist in danger. Motorcycles move quickly and have less visibility than cars, so the driver may not see the biker in time. This can lead to devastating collisions. Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is aggressive driving. This can result in dangerous maneuvers, like changing lanes aggressively, or following another vehicle too closely. 

Non-interstate roads 

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most motorcycle accidents occur on non-interstate roads. These roadways are typically more congested, with higher rates of fatal accidents for motorcycles. As a result, they’re often the most dangerous to ride on. 

Warmer climates 

It may be surprising to learn that most motorcycle accidents happen in warmer climates. The statistics for fatal motorcycle crashes vary widely from year to year, but some trends are consistent. The number of fatal motorcycle accidents increases in warmer months. The reason for this is not entirely clear. Some researchers suspect that the seasonal variation is caused by shifts in driver behavior from motorcycles to public transportation or cars. 

Longer riding season 

Motorcycle accidents tend to be more common in states with warmer climates. In these states, the riding season is long and there are more motorcyclists on the road. Unfortunately, these accidents also result in more fatalities. Fortunately, the number of fatalities tends to taper off during the winter. 

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