Who Is At Fault In Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Who is at Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the majority of blame often goes to the car driver. But, in many cases, the actions of both motorists are also considered when deciding who is at fault. For instance, if the road was not sufficiently safe, the driver of the car could be held responsible. 

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Reckless passenger vehicle driving 

Reckless passenger vehicle driving is the primary cause of most motorcycle accidents. While motorcycles are a lower risk than cars, collisions with passenger vehicles are still traumatic and life-threatening. Oftentimes, these accidents occur as a result of a driver failing to yield the right-of-way to a motorcycle. Because motorcycles are so small, they are often in the blind spots of other motorists, and the consequences of a motorcycle crash can be disastrous. 

Impaired visibility of drivers 

The impaired visibility of drivers is one of the most common factors in motorcycle accidents. Drivers must adjust their speed and increase their visibility to avoid crashing into motorcycles. Motorcycle helmets and clothing should be brightly colored to increase visibility. Road conditions also play a big part in motorcycle accidents. Potholes and uneven pavement can send motorcycle riders flying and cause serious injuries. 

Excess speeds 

Motorcycle riders should reduce their speed to avoid hitting stationary objects and avoid lane splitting. They should also stay alert and watch for big gaps in traffic. Cars may be tempted to change lanes or try to cut them off. Motorcyclists should also watch out for signs that a car is approaching. This may include the driver turning their head, blinking, or changing the direction of the motorcycle. 

Sudden lane changes 

Motorcycle accidents occur when drivers fail to check their blind spots and fail to use turn signals when changing lanes. This can lead to catastrophic injuries such as broken ribs and sternum, torn meniscus knees, and even brain injuries. These accidents can be prevented by following some simple safety tips. 

Impaired brakes 

Motorcycle crashes are usually caused by braking errors. These errors can be caused by either the car driver or the motorcycle rider. When you’re driving fast, the ability to stop quickly is crucial to avoid a collision. 

Inattentional blindness 

According to new research, inattentional blindness is to blame for a large proportion of motorcycle-related traffic accidents. The phenomenon occurs when people fail to notice something in plain sight despite being in a position to see it. Motorcycle crashes usually involve someone who looked but failed to see a motorcycle approaching their vehicle. 

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