Which Symptoms Indicate Drunk Driving?

How to Recognize Which Symptoms Indicate Drunk Driving? 

Whether you’re driving on the road or walking to the grocery store, it’s important to know how to recognize which symptoms indicate that someone is drunk. This way, you can be able to take the necessary actions to keep yourself safe and prevent an accident from happening.

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The most common symptom is swerving. Often, drivers will swerve when they’re drunk and this is the first thing that police officers look for when conducting a sobriety test. 

Another symptom of intoxication is speeding. Drunk drivers often drive ten or more miles per hour below the speed limit, which is especially dangerous and can increase your chances of getting into an accident. 

Drivers under the influence of alcohol can also have trouble with proper braking. They may brake too quickly or abruptly, and they’re not always able to see where they’re stopping. 

They might also swerve too close to the curb or into a parking lot or street, which is not only dangerous but can also lead to a crash. 

In addition, if you’re driving on the highway, you’ll notice that intoxicated drivers frequently change lanes. They might hug the shoulder, cross over the center line, or completely enter oncoming traffic. 

This is a common sign of intoxication and can make you think twice about making a turn. 

Other lane changes can be a sign of intoxication as well, such as turning with an incredibly wide radius or swerving across double lines and medians. 

Aside from following too closely to other vehicles, intoxicated drivers often ignore traffic lights and stop signs. This can lead to accidents because it’s hard for them to judge the distance between vehicles. 

Their slowed reaction time can also make them forget to turn off their high beams or turn on their headlights at night. 

If you see a driver who shows these behaviors, report them to the police immediately so they can investigate further and make an arrest. 

The five most common ways that you can tell if a driver is drunk are: 

Reduced coordination

A person who’s drunk can have trouble with eye, hand and foot coordination. This can cause them to have problems with the steering wheel, brakes and accelerators. 

They might also become distracted by their conversation with other passengers, and this can be a major warning sign that they’re under the influence of alcohol. 

Intoxicated drivers can be confused by traffic rules, which makes them a frequent cause of accidents. 

Their impaired vision can lead to them ignoring other cars in front of them and not seeing traffic signals clearly. 

The intoxicated driver might also be unable to read the posted speed limit signs clearly, so they might be driving too fast or too slow. 

Other possible intoxicated driving behavior is ignoring the laws, such as not having a valid driver’s license or an expired registration. These drivers are a serious threat to your safety and should be removed from the road as soon as possible. 



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