Where To Get Car Accident Lawyer Assistance?

The Montag Law Office 

The Montag Law Office, which is located at 985 South 27th Street in Omaha, Nebraska is not your average law firm. Among the many attorneys, only two are full time and the rest are on call as and when they can be. While the company has a small staff, it is a thriving business. Despite its size, it still has managed to amass a whopping $198,801 in annual revenue. Its main claim to fame, if you will, is its laudable success in courting automobile manufacturers in and out of the Omaha metropolis.

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This, coupled with its high-class clientele, has allowed it to snare some of the most notable lawyers in the state, making it one of the few aficionados in the Nebraska corn belt. On top of its formidable clientele, it also happens to be the home of the most prestigious collegiate athletic program in the state, which is an unrivaled feat of honor for any institution. As a member of the aforementioned program, the firm has access to all of the best athletes and coaches in the area. 

Where To Get Car Accident Lawyer Assistance? | Montag Law Office