Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Most Occur?

Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Most Occur? 

In 2017, sixty percent of fatal motorcycle crashes occurred in urban areas. This is significantly higher than the forty percent rate in rural areas. This may be attributed to several factors. Among them are the greater number of bicyclists and pedestrians, which motorcyclists must avoid. Additionally, urban areas have more potholes, construction, debris, and emergency vehicles, all of which can increase the chance of an accident. 

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, intersections are the site of 35 percent of all motorcycle accidents. These accidents often occur when a driver fails to yield to a motorcyclist or fails to yield when legally required. Another leading cause of intersection accidents is running red lights. Drivers may be distracted and fail to see a motorcycle that is slowed down for a red light. 

Two-lane roads 

One of the most common places for motorcycle accidents is two-lane highways or rural roads. A driver can easily swerve into the motorcycle lane when rounding a corner, and the result is often a head-on collision. These types of collisions are particularly deadly, and the rider’s injuries are often fatal. 

High-speed thoroughfares 

While the causes of motorcycle accidents vary, one factor remains constant: high-speed roadways are where the most crashes occur. However, some factors can significantly contribute to motorcycle accident severity, including a lack of safety features such as barrier medians. These safety features can help reduce the severity of a motorcycle crash and the number of injuries. 


While motorcycle accidents are rare compared to car accidents, they can still cause serious injuries to the rider. Sideswipes are particularly dangerous because they can cause the rider to be thrown to the ground. They can also cause severe injuries to the rider’s back and neck. These injuries can be devastating and prevent the rider from being able to earn a living. In addition, these accidents are typically caused by drivers who are distracted. They may be distracted by everyday objects such as cell phones or communication devices. 

Left-hand turns 

Motorcycle accidents commonly happen when a car makes a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle. The driver often does not notice the motorcycle until they are in the middle of a collision. This happens due to several reasons. The driver may have been distracted, not looking for a motorcycle, or the driver may have simply missed it because of its size. Unfortunately, this often results in a collision that is fatal for the motorcycle rider. 

Stop-and-go traffic 

The best way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to stay a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road. If you’re too close to a vehicle, you may not be able to stop in time. On the highway, traffic is typically stop-and-go. This means that drivers often don’t think about motorcycles when they’re entering a car or exiting the highway. 

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