Where Do Most Drunk Driving Accidents Occur?

Where Do Most Drunk Driving Accidents Occur? 

During the holiday seasons, it is important to know where most drunk driving accidents occur so you can make safer driving decisions. Holidays such as New Year’s, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving are known for heavy drinking, and the results can be catastrophic for drivers on the road. Some of the most dangerous times to drive are during the evenings and on weekends when more people are out on the roads. 

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Alcohol-related crashes are a major cause of fatalities, and these numbers are even higher during the holiday season. The most common vehicles involved in alcohol-related accidents are passenger cars and motorcycles. A staggering 27% of all fatal crashes involve an alcohol-impaired driver on a motorcycle. 

Several environmental factors contribute to alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Specifically, the weather, time of day, and the location of the crash are some of the biggest factors to consider. Here is an overview of these factors and how they affect the number of drunk driving accidents that occur each year. 

As far as the weather goes, rainy days have the highest rate of alcohol-related crashes. More fatal accidents occur in urban areas than in rural areas, and the weather is often a contributing factor. Moreover, there is a strong correlation between population density and the number of fatal alcohol-related accidents. The ten states with the highest rates of drunk driving accidents are all in the bottom quarter of the country by population density. The state with the most alcohol-impaired crashes per capita in Wyoming. 

The United States has a higher number of drunk driving accidents in the winter than in the summer. It is a good idea to check the weather before you leave on a road trip, and plan your route accordingly. As an added precaution, you can also designate a sober driver for your trip. 

The most important fact to know is that alcohol-impaired driving is the leading cause of traffic fatalities. Of the 115,000 drivers who died in traffic accidents in the last five years, 34 percent were alcohol-impaired. Similarly, the number of fatal crashes involving alcohol was higher for younger drivers. This suggests that the insurance industry targets these vulnerable populations. It is a good idea to check with an experienced lawyer to learn more about your options. 

Despite all of the warnings, it is still important to recognize the signs of drunk driving, including swerving, continuously breaking for no apparent reason, and struggling to maintain lane control. You can always avoid a deadly crash by driving sober, and if you do get into a car accident, it is always a good idea to speak to an experienced DUI attorney. 

During the holiday seasons, the most hazardous times for drunk driving are on the weekend, and especially on the night of the holiday. During the week, 37% of alcohol-impaired crashes take place on residential streets, while 62% of all fatal accidents happen during the evening hours and on a sunny or partially cloudy day. 

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