When To Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident?

When to Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

There are many reasons to hire a car accident attorney. According to the Insurance Research Council, claims of serious injuries often recover more money when represented by a lawyer. This is because they can refuse a settlement offer made by an insurance company. The Insurance Research Council also found that the average claimant recovers three to five times more money when an attorney is involved. Using a car accident attorney is crucial to your success.

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Unrepresented claimants recover less money than claimants who are attorney represented

The truth is that unrepresented claimants in a car accident often receive far less money than attorney-represented claimants. That’s because, on average, a lawyer’s contingency fee is 32% of the total claim amount, and the amount of money the client recovers is three times higher. Moreover, a lawyer knows how to gather evidence and deal with insurance adjusters to make your case stand out and maximize your compensation.

Defining serious injuries in a car accident

Defining serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident involves identifying the types of damage or bodily injuries that occur as a result of the collision. Injuries that are considered serious are those that require lengthy or continuous medical treatment. This type of injury also tends to generate large medical bills and a high level of damage for the person who sustains the injury. It is important to understand how serious bodily injuries are defined in the law so that you can protect your rights. To do this, you need to consult a qualified attorney with experience in personal injury cases.

Comparative negligence law allows for car accident compensation

The concept of comparative negligence is a legal doctrine that applies to car accidents. It recognizes that a single circumstance can make one driver 100% at fault for an accident, while multiple factors can equally contribute to the crash. An experienced attorney is vital to put the pieces together to determine which driver was at fault. The following are examples of situations where the concept of comparative negligence can apply. You should consult with an attorney to determine if your case qualifies for compensation.

Getting a lawyer after a car accident

Hiring a car accident lawyer is important if you want to pursue compensation for your injuries. A lawyer can help you gather evidence that demonstrates the other party was at fault for causing the crash, and they can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Even if you’re not planning to hire a lawyer immediately, you can seek legal counsel later on in the process. Getting a lawyer isn’t necessary if you’re not suffering from severe injuries, but it could greatly help your case.

Getting a lawyer in Florida

A Florida attorney can help you win your case if you are involved in a car accident. Florida’s law recognizes the duty of care owed by motor vehicle operators and allows plaintiffs to collect damages even if they are only partially to blame for the accident. If the other driver is not at fault, you can recover damages for your losses, including the cost of medical treatment and pain and suffering. Similarly, surviving loved ones of the accident victim may be able to recover damages for their loss of companionship, protection, services, and loss of life.

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