When Should A Lawyer Consult With A Neurosurgon Following A Car Accident?

When Should A Lawyer Consult With A Neurosurgeon Following A Car Accident? 

A neurologist is an expert in injuries affecting the brain, spinal cord, and surrounding muscles and nerves. These medical professionals are able to diagnose and treat injuries that might otherwise be overlooked by other doctors, making them an essential part of a personal injury case involving car accidents. 

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The most obvious reason why a lawyer should consult with a neurologist following a car accident is to gather evidence to support your claim for compensation. A neurologist will be able to confirm that the injury you believe you have is a legitimate one and will also be able to make notes about how the injury has affected your life. 

Neurosurgeon: If you’re suffering from a traumatic head injury, neck or spine damage, or if you have neurological symptoms that don’t go away, you should see a doctor right away. These medical specialists are able to identify potential injuries that other doctors might overlook, especially if the ER physician sent you on your way with no reports of serious issues. 

Seeing an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon immediately after a car accident can help you get on the road to recovery quickly. These auto injury specialists are experts in treating post-accident injuries and are well-versed in dealing with insurance companies. 

A delay in seeking medical care after an auto accident can be a huge problem for your health and the value of your personal injury claim. Delaying treatment for days or weeks after an accident can lead to worsened injuries and will likely be used against you by the insurance company to deny your claim. 

You may have to make several trips to the doctor after an accident, as the severity of your injuries can vary. The best course of action is to keep a list of your injury-related concerns and schedule appointments as soon as possible. 

Primary care: Your main source of health care is your primary care doctor, so it’s important to make sure that you communicate with them as much as possible following a car accident. This can include telling them that you are in the ER and providing any instructions that you received from an ER physician. This can help your primary care doctor know what to expect from the ER doctors and can ensure that all your medical needs are being met. 

If your primary care physician refuses to treat you after a car crash, your attorney can approach them with a letter of protection that explains how they will be paid out of your future personal injury settlement. This may be enough to convince them to take a more active role in your health care after a car wreck. 

Often, your primary care physician is able to recommend a specialist to help with your post-accident injuries. If you have suffered a back or neck injury, your PCP can refer you to an orthopedic specialist, which can treat fractures and other issues that require specialized care. 

Your PCP will be an important resource for coordinating your care after a car accident, and if you have any questions about what to do after an auto crash, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C. Our attorneys are here to help you navigate the process and maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 

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