When Involved In A Car Accident And Become Blind?

Eye Injuries When Involved in a Car Accident 

When you get involved in a car accident, your head is vulnerable to whiplash and broken bones, but your eyes are also at risk of serious injuries. This is why it is crucial to know how to protect your eyes when driving. During an accident, glass and other items may enter your eye, which can cause tiny scratches or lacerations. 

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Blows to the eye: Blunt force trauma from the impact of a crash can hurt the delicate optic nerves and lead to a retinal tear or detachment. This can result in blindness or severe vision impairment. 

Bruising around the eye: In addition to blunt force trauma, flying debris from an accident can strike the eyes and cause swelling or a black eye. Although many people believe that black eyes are minor and heal quickly, they can conceal other eye injuries and lead to permanent vision issues later on. 

Orbital fractures: Your eye sockets are made up of seven different orbital bones that provide structural support for your eyes. These bones can be injured by a blow to the face, but they can heal on their own or require surgery. 

Airbag-related eye injuries: While airbags are meant to save lives, they can cause abrasions and irritation to the eyes. They can also send chemicals and dust into the eyes that can lead to chemical burns and irritation, affecting your vision. 

Other eye injuries: Injuries to your eyes can occur indirectly from other injuries, including traumatic brain injury or head trauma. These types of injuries can have life-altering effects on your eyesight, and a Miami blind spot car accident attorney can help you pursue damages from the at-fault parties. 

Retinal detachment: This is one of the most catastrophic eye injuries that a person can experience in an auto accident. When the retina, which lines the inside of your eye, separates from its tissue, you will lose your vision permanently. 

If the detachment is left untreated, you will be permanently blind. Doctors will be able to mend the injury, but if it is not repaired within a reasonable amount of time, you will be completely blind. 

Blind spot accidents can be devastating to victims and their families. These crashes can result in extensive medical bills and hospitalizations, loss of wages, and long-term rehabilitation. Victims are unable to work and often have to deal with PTSD symptoms that can last years after the accident. 

Obtaining compensation for blindness caused by a car accident is not easy, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can make the process less painful and more efficient. The right lawyer will investigate your case, and negotiate with the other party’s insurance company to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Losing your vision can be a very devastating event, and it can affect almost every aspect of your life. It can be difficult to work, to pay for a home, to go to the gym or simply to see your children play. You need a team of professionals to fight for you and your family. 

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