When Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

When Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur on Non-Interstate Roads? 

The majority of fatal motorcycle accidents occur on non-interstate roads. These roads are often busy and can be a major cause of accident fatalities. Here are some factors to watch for on non-interstate roads. Using these tips will help you to avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident. 

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Left-hand turns

Motorcycles and cars often collide on the roadway. In the majority of accidents, the motorcycle is at fault, but sometimes it is the other vehicle that’s at fault. In those situations, drivers must watch their blind spots and yield to the motorcycle. This can help to avoid devastating accidents. 

Stop-and-go traffic 

In urban areas, stop-and-go traffic is one of the most dangerous places to ride a motorcycle. In this environment, drivers of cars and trucks may merge haphazardly or aggressively, without paying attention to motorcycles. Drivers should always give the motorcycle the right of way. They should also make sure that their motorcycle is properly maintained. It’s vital to maintain your motorcycle regularly, at least every 500-600 miles or every 6 months. 


Motorcycle accidents often occur on curves. Curve design is associated with high crash rates on motorcycles, but the exact relationship is unclear. Curves have varying degrees of risk depending on their shape, radius, and type. A matched case-control study was conducted to determine if these factors affect the frequency and severity of motorcycle crashes. 

Impaired driving 

It’s no secret that drinking and riding can be a dangerous combination. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over one-quarter of motorcycle accidents involve alcohol. In 2018, there were 1,213 motorcycle fatalities where the driver had a blood alcohol level of.08 or higher. Furthermore, more than half of those who died in motorcycle crashes were over the age of 40. As a result, it’s essential to avoid drinking and driving while riding a motorcycle. 


Several factors contribute to motorcycle accidents. The most common cause is inattention. Distracted driving is a major concern for motorists everywhere and accounts for thousands of accidents each year, including hundreds of fatalities. When distracted driving is exacerbated by motorcycles, an accident can occur with catastrophic results. 


Motorcycle accidents are often tragic events, causing many injuries and substantial property damage. These crashes often result from the failure of motorcyclists to follow the rules of the road and due to the lack of protective features on their motorcycles. Because of this, motorcycle riders need to be extra vigilant when traveling on public roads. The statistics on motorcycle accidents in Illinois show that the state is one of the most dangerous places to drive a motorcycle. 

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