What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident And The Other Driver Hires A Lawyer?

What to do if you’re in a car accident and the other driver hires a lawyer? 

When you are in a car accident, it is very important to take certain steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This includes contacting the other driver’s insurance company, as well as filing an injury claim with your own insurer. 

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You must make sure that you get the correct information from both parties and take pictures of the scene and damage. In addition, you should call the police to file a report and request that they issue an affidavit of fact. 

Don’t admit fault or blame the other person for the crash. This is a major mistake and can cause problems down the line. Also, be careful when interacting with the other driver as they may have bad intentions. In some instances, the other person may be an armed criminal. 

It is important to remain calm and follow the police officer’s directions. This is the best way to help with a speedy investigation of the incident. If possible, get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses who may have seen the collision. 

Be sure to take photos of the vehicles, the accident site and any injuries. These images will be very helpful in the long run when it comes to filing an insurance claim. 

If you are able to, take pictures of the other drivers’ licenses and insurance cards as well. This can be especially helpful when negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company to help them determine who is at fault for the wreck. 

You should make sure that you take a photo of the other driver’s vehicle and their license plate number, as well as any other identifying details of their car, such as its color and model. This will help you with the police investigation as well as any future legal action against the other driver. 

Use your cell phone camera to record any pictures of the crash site and vehicles as they are damaged. This can be very helpful in establishing the facts of the case and will assist you in getting your injuries evaluated and the right medical attention. 

Once you have gathered the necessary evidence, contact your lawyer. They can help you file an insurance claim, as well as negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company to settle your case out of court. 

Your lawyer can collect evidence, interview witnesses and hire necessary expert witnesses to support your claims for compensation. He will be able to present the evidence in court and help you win your case. 

Avoid making apologies or statements about the accident to the other driver’s insurance company, because these are often used against you in your claim for damages. If the other driver’s adjuster keeps calling or emailing you, be calm, repeat some of these talking points and tell them that you are thinking about hiring an attorney and will turn your claim over to them once your attorney gets involved. 

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