What State Has The Most Drunk Driving Accidents?

What State Has the Most Drunk Driving Accidents? 

There are some states with higher percentages of alcohol-related vehicle deaths than others. These states include North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Alaska. In addition to the number of fatalities, they are also home to the highest rates of road rage and accidents attributed to alcohol and drugs. 

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North Dakota 

In North Dakota, driving under the influence is against the law. If you are caught, your driving privileges can be revoked for 180 days to three years. The punishment for a DUI with a minor in the vehicle is 360 days in jail and a fine of up to $3,000. The penalty for Criminal Vehicular Injury or Homicide is five years in prison and a fine of up to 20 thousand dollars. 

According to a study published in 2015, North Dakota has the highest rate of drunk driving accidents and arrests. Its rate of drunk driving accidents is 721.9 per 100,000 people. By comparison, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and New Mexico have a much lower rate. 


There is an epidemic of drunk driving in Wyoming. The state is the 25th most dangerous for drunk drivers in the country, according to MoneyGeek. Drunk drivers are responsible for about one out of every eight crashes. According to the report, June was the deadliest month for fatal accidents. Forty accidents killed people. This represents about 12.3% of all fatal crashes in the past three years. Other high-death months included July and September. Most of these fatal crashes occurred in Laramie and on 1-80. The most common causes of fatalities were speeding and drunk driving. 

SADD has partnered with several organizations to educate Wyomingns about the dangers of impaired driving. The organization has also increased its number of chapters from 15 to 21 in Wyoming. The organization has chapters in 13 of the state’s 23 counties, and another fourteen youth organizations are planning to register as official SADD chapters. 

New Mexico 

Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem in the state of New Mexico. While the percentage of drunk driving accidents in the state has been dropping over the last decade, they are back up at certain times of the year. In 2015, alcohol was involved in 38 percent of fatal crashes in New Mexico. 

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety has a program to combat the problem. They fund a telephone survey of residents in the state. This survey is aimed at understanding how widespread the problem of drunk driving is. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Survey respondents are encouraged to respond in their native language. 

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