What State Has The Highest Drunk Driving Deaths?

What State Has the Highest Drunk Driving Deaths? 

To answer the question “What state has the highest drunk driving deaths?”, we need to look at the statistics for each state. We have weighted rankings to compare each state to the next, and non-weighted rankings to compare each state’s performance in a specific category. We also need to take into account the penalties and costs of DUI offenses. 

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North Dakota 

The number of drunk driving deaths in North Dakota is among the highest in the country, and it’s a serious issue. From 2013 to 2017, drunk driving deaths accounted for between 40 and 50 percent of the state’s crash deaths. This is a much higher rate than the national average of 28.7 percent, and it’s not surprising when you consider the state’s rural areas, which have few urban areas. 

The state has taken steps to reduce its fatalities and to educate drivers about the dangers of drunk driving. The state’s Vision Zero program was launched one year ago, to reduce alcohol-related crashes by educating drivers about the consequences of drunk driving. The program aims to increase awareness among motorists and create a culture of personal responsibility. 

South Dakota 

Drunk driving is a major public safety issue in South Dakota. In 1999, one in every 150 miles of driving involved a drunk driver. The state’s police reported 1,290 crashes involving drunk drivers or pedestrians. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed formulas that estimate the number of alcohol-related crashes. In 1999, there were 7,120 alcohol-related crashes in South Dakota, killing 65 people. 

The South Dakota Office of Highway Safety (SHSP) funds local law enforcement agencies to conduct high-visibility enforcement in high-risk areas. It works with the state’s Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies to make sure the program is effective. However, the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety does not have direct supervisory authority over participating law enforcement agencies. Its staff members assess the situation and formulate strategies. 


Alaska has the nation’s highest number of drunk driving deaths. Almost 30 people die in crashes every day and one person dies every 50 minutes. Despite strict laws against drunk driving, statistics show that many people violate them. Each year, drunk driving accidents in Alaska result in more than ten thousand fatalities. This figure represents more than twenty percent of all fatal motor vehicle collisions. 

The state has an active drunk driving prevention campaign. This year, state troopers are involved in high-visibility holiday watch operations. Last year, state troopers stopped 1,200 people during their last holiday watch. The Anchorage Police Department has made 9,698 DUI arrests since 2011. While the data for this year is only through Oct. 31, the trend shows a downward trend. 


Colorado has the highest rate of drunk driving deaths per capita in the country. This trend has led to an increase in public awareness campaigns against the problem. The state has also stepped up its enforcement of drunk driving laws. The goal of these campaigns is to make the roads safer for everyone. Unfortunately, drunk drivers are still not completely out of the woods. 

In 2008, Colorado reported 92 vehicular deaths caused by drunk drivers. The statistics don’t break out the number of teen drunk drivers in Colorado, but that is an important issue that should not be overlooked. In 2008, there were 92 vehicular deaths involving teen drinkers. The state does not break down the rate of teen drunk driving deaths by population, but it is a growing problem that shouldn’t be ignored. 

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