What Should You Do If You Witness A Hit-And-Run?

What should you do if you witness a hit and run?

Seeing someone get hurt because of another person’s negligence can be incredibly heartbreaking. There are several things you can do to help a victim recover compensation for their injuries. The more you do, the better your chances are that the injured party will be able to collect the money they deserve. 

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Stop and Help:

Whether you are driving, walking or standing at the scene of the accident, stopping to offer assistance to victims can make an incredible difference. It doesn’t take much and can help a victim get through this difficult time. 

Gather Witness Information:

Immediately after an accident, take note of the details you can remember, including the time, location and what happened. This information can be helpful to police and lawyers when it comes time to investigate the accident. If you can, try to gather the names and contact information of any witnesses who may have been present at the crash. 

Stay at the Scene:

If you are in a car, pull over as soon as possible and stay with the victims until the police arrive. This can be especially important if there are multiple vehicles involved in the collision. It will allow rescue workers to get in and out of the wreckage without getting caught in traffic or causing more damage to the vehicles themselves. 

Call 911:

If there are other people at the scene of the accident, it can be hard to identify yourself as an eyewitness, so don’t forget to call 911 and give as much detail about your location and the accident as possible. This will help police and first responders find you and keep you safe as well. 

Take Pictures and Leave a Note:

If you can’t find the driver who fled the scene, leaving a note with their name, address and phone number is always an option. This will give police and other authorities the chance to track down the person who caused the accident. 

Call the Insurance Company If You Can:

In New York, insurance companies are required to report any accident that causes more than $1,500 in damage or injury. This includes any vehicle damage, bodily injury and property damage. 

Check Surveillance Video:

Many businesses have surveillance cameras, so if you are near a business and can see the accident through a window, ask if anyone was there. This could help police identify the hit and run driver, and the footage will be extremely useful when it comes time to pursue compensation for your losses. 

Be a Good Samaritan:

California’s Good Samaritan Law protects those who provide aid to victims of accidents in good faith from liability, even if they cause the injury. While this does not mean you should ignore a victim’s request for help, it is best to wait with them until medical aid arrives. 

Give a Statement to the Police:

If you have a strong story and are an experienced witness, it is never a bad idea to provide a detailed account of what you saw at the scene of the accident. This will help police and the victim’s attorney build their case for monetary compensation. 

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