What Percentage Of Motorcycle Riders Get Into Accidents?

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get Into Accidents? 

If you’re wondering what percentage of motorcycle riders get into accidents, you’ve come to the right place. Motorcycle accidents are rare, but they can happen. Most motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions. Another 40% are left-turn collisions, where a car encroaches on a motorcycle’s right of way. 

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Less than 1%

Motorcycle accidents are the most common form of motor vehicle fatality. Although the causes of fatal motorcycle crashes are many, one common factor is alcohol. Statistical studies show that approximately 43% of motorcycle accidents involve alcohol, but recent efforts have helped to reduce this number. Unlike traditional motor vehicles, motorcycles require more skill and balance, and riders should wear appropriate gear. 

Hazards of riding a motorcycle 

Whether you ride a motorcycle on a country road or a city street, you must be aware of the various hazards on the road. These hazards can range from vehicles changing lanes around you to uneven surfaces. When you are near an intersection, you must be particularly alert because there may be vehicles turning left in front of you or right into your path of travel. In addition, you need to pay attention to traffic-light changes. 

Preventing accidents 

One of the most important tips for motorcycle riders is to avoid lane splitting. This is a major offense and can lead to a crash. If you must merge lanes, make sure to turn on your turn signal and check your blind spots. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by unpredictable circumstances, such as other vehicles, weather, and other road hazards. 

Avoiding inclement weather 

During inclement weather, it is crucial to avoid riding your motorcycle. Roads become slippery and oil and dirt accumulate. When it starts to rain, this oil and dirt are released, making the road conditions even worse. Riding your motorcycle in inclement weather increases your risk of a serious accident. 

Using a helmet 

Using a motorcycle helmet is one of the best ways to protect yourself in an accident. It can reduce the severity of traumatic brain injuries and lower your risk of death. It also protects you from falling from your bike and hitting the pavement or another vehicle. It can also help protect your eyes, nose, and face. 

Avoiding parked motorcycles 

Avoiding parked motorcycles is an essential part of riding a motorcycle safely. Motorcycles are easy to misjudge, so you need to give yourself plenty of room and time to maneuver around them. Most motorcycle accidents result from automobiles rear-ending motorcycles, which can range from a minor fender bender to a fatal accident. Awareness is the best way to avoid a motorcycle accident. Motorcycles are most vulnerable to accidents when drivers are not aware of their surroundings and do not pay attention to them. 

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