What Percentage Of Motorcycle Accidents Are Single Vehicle?

What Percentage of Motorcycle Accidents Are Single Vehicle Fatalities? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, statistics show that they are one of the most common types of accidents on the road. Nearly half of all fatalities occur in a single vehicle, so it is important to know what factors increase your risk. Speeding is a big one, but so is wet weather and improper lane usage. 

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About 25 percent of motorcycle accidents involve one vehicle and are fatal. Motorcycle fatalities occur for several reasons. In addition to their physical risks, many are caused by alcohol use, which increases the chances of a motorcycle accident. According to NHTSA, alcohol use among motorcycle riders has decreased over the past decade. In 2007, only 28 percent of riders were found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher. In 2016, however, 25 percent of motorcycle fatalities were caused by alcohol. 

Wet weather 

Wet weather is one of the most common factors in motorcycle accidents. It can cause a vehicle to hydroplane or lose control. Even small amounts of rain can cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Additionally, a motorcycle is susceptible to losing control if it is bumped. As a result, nearly one-third of motorcycle accidents are caused by wet weather. 


Motorcycle accidents can happen in many ways, but speeding is one of the most common causes. The reason is simple: speeding can make a driver less aware of his surroundings and less able to react to changing roadway conditions. This can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. 

Improper lane use 

Many single-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers failing to follow the rules of the road and improper lane use. In some cases, drivers fail to signal lane changes and fail to check their blind spots. This leaves motorcycles exposed to side-swiping and can result in an accident. 

Vehicle failure 

A single-vehicle failure can be a major contributor to motorcycle accidents, but it is not always the sole cause. Motorcycles can be involved in accidents due to multiple factors, including road hazards and negligent drivers. For example, the braking system of a motorcycle may have failed, causing the rider to lose control. Another factor may be a broken motorcycle tire or a defective part. 

Age of motorcyclist 

The age of a motorcyclist is an important factor in single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. Recent reports indicate that older riders are more likely to crash than younger riders. This study aims to fill this gap in the existing literature by analyzing risk factors and analyzing age distribution in single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. 

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