What Percentage Of Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused By Cars?

What Percentage of Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused by Cars? 

A motorcycle is more vulnerable to road conditions than a car and is therefore more likely to be involved in an accident. Many factors can contribute to an accident, including the presence of another vehicle, road conditions, and the driver’s distraction. While a large majority of accidents involve a car, some motorcycle accidents may also involve motorcycles. 

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There are several reasons for motorcycle accidents, but the main culprit is the car. More than a quarter of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with a car. Another quarter involves a motorcycle colliding with the roadway or a fixed object. Less than three percent of motorcycle accidents involve vehicle failure, such as a flat tire. Another third involves rider error, including over or under-braking, or running wide on a curve. 

Road conditions 

There are many different reasons for motorcycle accidents, but the majority of them involve vehicles that are not designed to handle motorcycles. These vehicles can be hit by other vehicles and cause a fatal accident, or they can veer off the road and hit a tree or fence. Regardless of the cause, a motorcycle accident can be fatal, and it is the fault of the driver in many cases. 

Distracted drivers 

Distracted driving has been linked to an increased number of motorcycle accidents, especially fatal crashes. Texting while driving, adjusting the radio station, or watching YouTube videos can all lead to driver distraction and increase the risk of a motorcycle crash. Distracted drivers also have less time to react to an oncoming motorcycle. 

Slippery pavement 

Motorcycle riders must be extra cautious when riding on slippery pavement. They should use proper braking techniques, avoid tailgating, and travel at least two seconds behind other vehicles. It is also essential to keep your motorcycle tires in good condition during bad weather. Rain can float oil, exhaust residue, and other slippery things onto the pavement. 

Uneven pavement 

Motorcycles have a smaller wheelbase and can be easily thrown off balance by small discrepancies in the road’s surface. Uneven pavement, large holes in the pavement, or shifted or narrowed lanes all can cause the motorcycle to swerve and cause an accident. In addition, unfinished pavements are often rough or slick. Even an inch difference can make it difficult for the biker to maintain control. 

Inclement Weather 

Inclement weather makes for a dangerous driving environment and can make roads slippery, making it more difficult for motorcycle drivers to maintain control. Even small amounts of rain can cause vehicles to hydroplane and cause a crash. A motorcycle can also lose control when a slight bump or breeze throws it off course. About one-third of motorcycle accidents are caused by inclement conditions. 


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