What Percent Of Motorcycle Accidents Occur At Over 100 Mph?

What Percent of Motorcycle Accidents Occur at Over 100 mph? 

Thousands of motorcycle accidents occur every year. In some cases, motorcycle riders suffer serious injuries, which can cost them a lot of money in medical bills. However, the riders can survive these crashes if they are aware of the risk factors and take appropriate precautions. These precautions can help the motorcycle rider avoid major accidents, which can lead to further injuries or death. 

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that the fatality rate for motorcyclists is 27 times higher than the rate for car occupants. This is because bikes are not as visible as cars, so motorists cannot easily spot them. Motorcyclists also suffer from the most physical damage when a crash occurs. This means that medical teams need to respond to the crash quickly to provide life support. 

Motorcycle crashes can happen at any time, including during the day or night, on straight stretches of road, or in an intersection. The most common motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, but there are also many other reasons for a motorcycle crash. 

Almost two-thirds of motorcycles involved in fatal crashes were struck in the front. Motorcycles were also more likely to be struck with fixed objects than other vehicles. The NHTSA found that the average bike speed before a crash was 29.8 mph, compared to 19% for cars. 

The NHTSA reported that more than half of fatal motorcycle crashes took place at intersections. Among two-vehicle crashes, 7% involved a motorcycle being struck in the rear. Cars turning left in front of the rider was also a common cause. This type of crash is known as a T-bone collision. It can be caused by several different reasons, including reckless riding, speeding, and impaired driving. 

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is a driver pulling out in front of the rider without seeing him. Despite the motorcycle’s small size, glare on the driver’s windshield can cause him to miss the biker. This means that the rider has only a few seconds to respond to the crash. This is why drivers should always give the biker time to move out of the way before pulling out in front of him. 

If the biker is wearing a helmet, the probability of him or her being killed decreases by about 40 percent. However, the NHTSA does not have any data on the effectiveness of wearable airbags in preventing fatal injuries. 

Motorcycles are also more likely to be thrown violently when a crash occurs. The NHTSA believes that these types of accidents occur because of reckless motorcyclist riding. 

The NHTSA also found that the majority of fatal motorcycle crashes were caused by driver error. Drivers are also more likely to be distracted while driving. The number of drivers distracted by mobile devices has increased especially smartphones. While drivers may not realize how important it is to be safe on the road, motorcyclists know it is important to be aware of their surroundings and stay alert. The use of helmets, in conjunction with other safety precautions, can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by as much as 41 percent. 

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