What Percent Of Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused By The Motorcyclist?

What Percent of Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused by the Motorcyclist? 

Compared to other vehicles, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer injuries and fatalities in a crash. This is because they have a higher likelihood of being thrown out of the vehicle when the car slams into them. Motorcycles are also less stable than other vehicles, making it more likely that they will crash. Motorcycles are also less visible to other road users than other vehicles are. A motorcycle’s small size and lack of standard safety features make it difficult for other drivers to see it. The lack of safety features also makes it more likely that the motorcyclist will suffer severe injuries in a crash. 

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Motorcycle accidents are caused by three factors: driver error, riding errors, and road hazards. These factors can be reduced by following the right precautions. Motorcycle crashes can cost up to $16 billion per year, according to the Government Accounting Office. These costs include emergency medical services, rehabilitation, and loss of productivity. 

Motorcycle crashes occur almost equally during the day and nighttime hours. However, the risk of fatalities is higher in urban areas. The most common type of motorcycle accident is a two-vehicle collision. Nearly half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involved a car and a motorcycle. In nearly half of these crashes, the motorcyclist was impaired by alcohol. The rider may have been speeding, failing to obey traffic signs, or ignoring a road hazard. 

The highest-involvement riders in motorcycle accidents are young riders and riders who have been in an accident in the past. These riders have the highest speeding involvement. Also, riders who are not wearing helmets are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes. Riders who are wearing helmets have a 50% lower risk of head injury, and a 69% lower risk of fatal injury. 

The DOT recommends that riders wear helmets in all conditions. Motorcycle helmet surveys are conducted in June and October each year. The data shows that DOT-certified helmets are the best. However, not all helmets are the same. Some helmets do not provide adequate protection and can cause injury. 

Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer injuries when they are speeding. Speeding is a major contributing factor in fatal motorcycle crashes. According to NHTSA data, speeding contributed to 33 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes in 2019. Also, speeding contributed to almost half of fatal motorcycle crashes during the week. Also, motorcycle riders who were not wearing helmets were more likely to be involved in fatal crashes. Also, motorcycle riders who were alcohol-impaired were more likely to be involved in fatal crashes. 

Approximately one-quarter of motorcycle deaths occurred when the rider ran into a stationary object. Another common cause of single-vehicle crashes is making a wide turn. These crashes are more likely to occur in intersections. However, these crashes also occur in traffic jams and lane splitting. Using anti-lock brakes and other safety features can help motorcycle riders better control their vehicles. In addition, using headlamps and other bright lights during daylight can help motorcyclists see more clearly. 

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