What Kind Of Experience Does A Truck Rollover Accident Attorney Have?

What kind of experience does a truck rollover accident attorney have? 

A truck rollover accident attorney who specializes in this type of case must have the requisite experience to handle all aspects of litigation that often occur in these cases. It is critical that you find out how long they have been handling these types of cases as well as their history of successful settlements and verdicts for their clients. 

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A New York City truck accident lawyer who has extensive trial and litigation experience will be able to level the playing field against trucking companies and their attorneys who typically fight hard to minimize any claims that may be made by injured victims of truck accidents. Injured parties are usually owed compensation for a number of different economic and noneconomic losses such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, disfigurement, loss of life enjoyment and more. 

The first step in proving fault and liability in a truck accident is demonstrating that the truck driver acted negligently by not using reasonable care and caution when operating their vehicle. This is a similar standard of care that must be met in any automobile crash, but it can be more difficult to establish due to the size and weight of a commercial truck. 

Once a negligence claim is established, the truck accident attorney will send a complaint to the at-fault party and begin preparing as though they are going to go all the way to trial. This involves researching relevant case law, drafting pleadings and discovery requests and interviewing and deposing witnesses. 

In most cases, multiple parties are liable for the crash. This includes the truck driver, their employer, the owner of the truck and possibly the company that loaded it. The various parties that are liable will have their own insurance policies and the experienced attorney will be able to work to maximize the overall amount of compensation you receive. 

The truck accident attorney will also know how to obtain the black box data from the truck which contains important information about how the truck was operated at the time of the accident as well as what conditions were present at the crash site. This is very helpful in determining how the accident occurred and how to build your case. 

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