What Is The Punishment For Drunk Driving?

What is the Punishment For Drunk Driving? 

If you’re in a car accident caused by drunk driving, the law is very strict and can lead to a wide variety of punishments. These can include a license suspension, jail time, and even a substance abuse program. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to avoid such punishment and get back on the road as quickly as possible. 

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License suspension 

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving and the police have seized your car, you may be facing a license suspension. The period of suspension will vary depending on the type of DUI and your blood alcohol level. If you are under 21 years old, you will be suspended for one year. If you have a previous DUI conviction, you may be facing a two-year or three-year suspension. Depending on the circumstances, a judge may modify the suspension period. 

The DMV suspends licenses for drunk driving, but you may also face a suspension in court. The DMV’s suspension is usually much shorter than the suspension granted in court. A DUI attorney can help you understand your rights and what you can expect after your license suspension. 

Jail time 

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you may be facing jail time. The punishment for drunk driving depends on the circumstances, but it could be as little as a few days, or as long as a year. Some states do not require jail time for DUIs, and the penalties may be reduced if you submit to an alcohol abuse treatment program. This treatment may include alcohol abuse counseling or assessment. In addition to jail time, you could be ordered to complete community service and pay restitution to victims. 

First-time offenders face a minimum of 5 days in jail, but those who are repeat offenders face longer jail terms. For instance, a third-time offender faces a minimum of 180 days in jail and a maximum of five years in state prison. In addition to jail time, DUI offenders may also face fines, mandatory alcohol treatment, and DUI costs. 

Substance abuse program 

In many jurisdictions, alcohol-related offenses are punished by sending the offender to a substance abuse program. This punishment is usually required for first-time offenders and requires a substance abuse evaluation. The evaluation will take into account the offender’s substance use history and background. It will also consider any co-existing mental health conditions. Moreover, it will take into account the offender’s living conditions and related issues. 

Depending on the circumstances, DUI treatment may require counseling, further assessments, random alcohol testing, and substance abuse education. The program may be either inpatient or outpatient. For some DUI offenders, the program can be a brief outpatient program, while others may have to complete a multifaceted program that can last from a few weeks to several months. In more serious cases, the punishment for a first offense may include an inpatient substance abuse treatment program. 

The suspension is usually for one year, with the first suspension for refusal being a year. For second or subsequent refusals, the suspension is 18 months. For persons under 21, the suspension is for one year or until they have completed a substance abuse evaluation. 

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