What Is The Major Cause Of Death In Motorcycle Accidents?

What is the Major Cause of Death in Motorcycle Accidents? 

The most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents is alcohol-impaired driving. Even if a driver’s BAC is below 0.08%, alcohol still affects their ability to drive safely. Their vision will be blurred and they are more likely to make a wrong decision. When this category is rounded up, the number of alcohol-impaired deaths increases to 1,737. Another major cause of death in motorcycle accidents is speeding. This factor accounted for 1,921 motorcycle fatalities. The most dangerous motorcycle speeders are those between the ages of 25 and 29. 

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One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is inattentive driving. Distracted drivers fail to see motorcycles or make lane changes in time, resulting in a collision. Motorcycle accidents can happen at high speeds, so drivers must pay special attention to their surroundings. 


The most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents is speeding. Speeding accounts for 33% of all motorcycle-related fatalities. However, it’s not the only cause of death. Speeding was also the cause of 18% of fatal passenger car crashes, 14% of small truck accidents, and 7% of large truck accidents. Drivers who are speeding tend to be less aware of their surroundings and slower to react to changing roadway conditions. 

Alcohol use 

A study conducted in Brazil found that the presence of alcohol during an accident was associated with a higher risk of death in motorcycle accidents. This association was not affected by the type of collision, the time of day, or the day of the week. The study also found no relationship between alcohol consumption and the type of motorcycle used. 

Older riders 

In 1975, younger riders were the main cause of motorcycle-related fatalities, but today, older riders account for the majority of motorcycle-related deaths. In the U.S., there are about 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964. While many of these individuals may have loved to ride motorcycles when they were younger, they have since become parents, married, and/or have other responsibilities that take them away from the motorcycle. Despite this, these individuals still love to ride motorcycles and enjoy spending their time outdoors. But as they age, they’re more prone to additional injuries. 

Line splitting 

While line-splitting allows smaller motorcycles to weave in and out of car traffic, it’s also a dangerous practice that can cause an accident. The practice is also notorious for startling and annoying other motorists. It’s illegal in most states, but some motorcyclists still practice it. It can be risky if not done properly, but there are also many benefits. 

Collisions with fixed objects 

Motorcycles are much more susceptible to collisions with fixed objects than other vehicles, resulting in a higher risk of death. In 2017, 23 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involved collisions with stationary objects. Fixed objects can be anything from potholes and construction zones to dead animals on the road. 

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