What Is The Main Reason For Motorcycle Accidents?

What is the Main Reason for Motorcycle Accidents? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the number one reason is failure to see. According to statistics, about half of all crashes involve motorcycles whose visibility was blocked or limited. As a motorcyclist, conspicuity is crucial, and there are many ways to make yourself conspicuous. 

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A significant percentage of motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. These drivers don’t pay attention to the road and can cause serious accidents by failing to see motorcycles or making unsafe lane changes. They also fail to check their mirrors or turn their heads in time to avoid collisions. These accidents often occur at intersections and can be very serious. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to get legal advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your rights. 


There are many reasons why speeding causes motorcycle accidents. For one, it makes it harder for drivers to control their vehicles and stop in time. Speeding also puts motorcycles in danger because they have less protection against the outside environment. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 9,000 people died as a result of speeding in 2018. Ultimately, avoiding speeding is one of the best ways to prevent accidents. 

Distracted driving 

One of the top reasons why motorcycle accidents happen is distracted driving. This includes text messaging and social media usage. Drivers who are distracted are less likely to be able to see or hear traffic signals and are less likely to be able to focus on the road. Distracted driving also includes reading, grooming, eating, and reaching for objects while driving. CDC research has shown that drivers are more likely to get into a crash if they are distracted while driving. 

Defective tires 

One of the most important pieces of equipment on a motorcycle is the tires. Defective tires can cause an accident and result in serious injury. Because motorcycle tires are not made of steel and have no added safety features like airbags, they are particularly vulnerable to injury. 

Uneven pavement 

Motorcycles are not the most stable vehicles on the road, so small discrepancies in the pavement can be devastating. Even one inch of difference can throw a biker off balance and make it difficult to control their vehicle. Unfinished surfaces, like loose gravel or roadwork debris, can also be hazardous. Motorcyclists also have smaller wheels, making small gaps or long grooves difficult to cross. 


A recent study shows that glare is a major cause of motorcycle accidents in California. This exposure to sunlight poses a significant risk to motorcyclists, and it may be more common than we think. The study found that about half of motorcycle accidents involved an impaired view of a motorcyclist. As such, motorcyclists must take special precautions to make themselves more visible. 

Obstruction of view 

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other motorists blocking the motorcycle’s line of sight. This can happen to a motorcyclist, even if the other driver is not at fault. For example, obstructions in the roadway can include overgrown tree limbs or even signs at intersections. This can cause a collision and cause serious injuries to both parties. If an obstruction prevents you from seeing a motorcycle, it is important to have clear visibility at all times. 

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