What Is The Leading Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents?

What is the Leading Cause of Motorcycle Accidents? 

Intoxicated driving 

According to statistics, a quarter of motorcycle accidents are caused by an intoxicated driver. This percentage can rise to two-thirds when motorcycle accidents happen on weekends. When a driver is intoxicated, their reaction time and judgment are impaired. This can result in a serious accident or death for the victim and the other people on the road. In addition to alcohol, drivers may be under the influence of other drugs. 

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Deficient or defective maintenance 

Defective or poorly maintained motorcycles are more likely to be involved in an accident. Insufficient maintenance can result in a serious crash due to inadequate brakes or a fuel system that fails to provide the proper fuel flow. It can also lead to a motorcycle bursting into flames on impact. In addition, motorcycle designs that are difficult to operate are more likely to result in crashes. Defective parts and accessories may also contribute to accidents. 

Slippery surfaces 

Slippery surfaces pose a major threat to motorcycle riders and other drivers. They make it more difficult to make turns and slide, increasing the risk of an accident. This is especially true when it starts to rain. Common advice is to reduce speed significantly and stay on the straightest path when riding in these conditions. 

Uneven pavement 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, uneven pavement is one of the leading causes. The surface is uneven and can become extremely slippery when wet, making it more difficult to control the bike. Other factors that contribute to this problem include vegetation and tree roots. Uneven pavement can also buckle or crack. 

Defective parts 

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by the failure of a vehicle’s parts. Motorcycles that fail to meet safety standards increase the risk of collision, even when there are no other vehicles involved. This contributes to a high number of fatalities and injuries, especially among motorcyclists. Common injuries include traumatic brain damage, fractured bones, and limb amputation. Other injuries may result from failures of the fuel lines or other systems. These injuries can lead to long-term medical treatment and even life-threatening conditions. 

Left turns 

Motorcycle accidents often involve left turns. Motorcycles are more susceptible to left-turn accidents than other vehicles, and they are also more likely to sustain life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, motorcycle helmets protect riders from these injuries, making them much more likely to survive a collision. Motorcycle helmets can also help protect against the consequences of traumatic brain injuries. 


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