What Is The Charge For Killing Someone While Drunk Driving?

What is the Charge For Killing Someone While Drunk Driving? 

The charge of vehicular manslaughter is not the same as that of reckless driving. This charge means that you did more than drive carelessly, inattentively, or make a mistake; you did so with the intent to cause injury or death. An example would be driving at a high speed when intoxicated, as this could cause a fatal accident. 

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Vehicular manslaughter 

A person can be charged with vehicular manslaughter if they cause the death of another person while driving drunk. This charge is more severe than simple negligence because the defendant must have engaged in acts of gross negligence or criminal disregard. Some examples of such conduct include driving at a high rate of speed while intoxicated or driving on the wrong side of the road. 

Vehicular manslaughter penalties vary from state to state. In Alabama, for example, a conviction of vehicular manslaughter carries a maximum of five years in prison. In Minnesota, however, the maximum sentence is thirty years in prison. One way to fight a vehicular manslaughter conviction is to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney. The attorney will understand the requirements of the crime and investigate the evidence provided by the prosecution. 


If you’ve ever been involved in a drunk driving accident that killed another person, you’ll be very familiar with the harsh legal penalties that are attached to the offense. The penalties vary from state to state and can range from a few years to live in prison. A DUI conviction carries with it a host of additional penalties, including increased insurance rates. Fortunately, Jerry Insurance can help you find a good insurance plan that won’t break your budget. 

In many states, a DUI death penalty can be up to ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine. While this may not seem like much, it’s far worse than getting a citation for driving under the influence. In Massachusetts, a DUI death conviction carries a mandatory 30-day jail sentence, while in Tennessee, the penalty is 60 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. 


A DUI driver is guilty of homicide by intoxication if they cause the death of another person while operating a vehicle. While drunk driving is an extremely serious crime, defenses for this crime exist. Van Severen Law Office focuses on the drunk driving defense. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

The charge of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated is more serious than negligent vehicular manslaughter, as it requires a greater contribution by drunk driving to the death. The prosecution must prove that drunk driving was a substantial factor in the death. If it’s not obvious, an experienced defense attorney may argue that the circumstances were too remote to have caused the death. 


If you have killed someone while drunk driving, you will have to pay a significant amount of money in court. Virginia law defines this type of crime as involuntary manslaughter. While drunk drivers did not intend to kill anyone, they did break the law when they got behind the wheel. If you have been convicted of this crime, you should know your options and how to fight it. 

If you are found guilty of vehicular manslaughter, you may be sentenced to years in prison. In addition, the victim’s family can file a civil suit against you. These lawsuits can seek large damages, including punitive and compensatory damages. 

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