What Is The Biggest Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents?

What is the Biggest Cause of Motorcycle Accidents? 

The number one cause of motorcycle crashes is a negligent driver. These drivers are often not following the rules of the road and maybe driving distracted or intoxicated. This can lead to catastrophic injury and even death for the motorcyclist who was involved in an accident. 

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Drivers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol have significantly impaired vision, reaction time and judgment when they are driving on the road. They are also less likely to see a motorcycle or another vehicle on the road that they may not be expected to see. 

Left Turns – Many motorcycle accidents occur when a car makes a left turn without checking their mirrors or inadvertently turns into a bike that is already turning. Since bikes are so small and their visibility is low, this can be a serious issue on the road. 

Weather conditions – Rain, snow, or other forms of inclement weather can cause dangerous road conditions for both cars and motorcycles. This can include slippery or uneven surfaces, loose gravel, or debris on the roadway. 

Speeding – In addition to unsafe road conditions, speeding and reckless driving are another leading cause of motorcycle crashes. This is especially true for riders who are trying to reach high speeds on their motorcycles. 

Lane Switching – Another common problem for motorcyclists is when they are switching lanes. This can be dangerous for a motorcyclist because they have little room to maneuver when they are in between a line of stopped cars. 

A car driver quickly changing lanes to pass another car can easily hit a motorcycle, especially when the rider is traveling at a fast pace. This can happen when the car driver is distracted or inattentive, or when they are driving too fast for the condition of the roadway. 

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents are reckless driving and driving while intoxicated. These can lead to fatal accidents for the rider and other passengers in the motor vehicle. 

Head Injuries – The most common injury for a motorcycle crash victim is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBIs can be mild or severe, and they can affect the motorcyclist’s ability to function in their daily life. 

Broken Bones – Broken bones are another major type of injury that motorcyclists suffer in a crash. These can include fractures and breaks in the spine, shoulders, hips, ribs, and knees. 

Spinal Cord Injuries – The most catastrophic type of injury for a motorcycle crash victim is spinal cord injuries, which can be permanent and lead to paralysis. 

Injuries to the arms and legs are common as well, and they can be particularly painful. These can include fractures and broken bones in the elbow, wrist, arm, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle. 

Other injuries can include abrasions, concussions, and other soft tissue damage. These can all result in long-term medical problems and even a loss of quality of life. 

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