What Is Hit And Run Charge?

What is Hit and Run Charge? 

When you are involved in an accident, you have certain legal obligations. You may need to provide evidence of insurance, give your name and contact information, and render reasonable assistance. If you fail to meet any of these obligations, you may be charged with a “hit and run” offense. 

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A hit-and-run charge can mean significant penalties and is one of the most common traffic violations. It can wreck your driving record and cost you a lot of money in car insurance. Depending on the circumstances of your particular case, you might face license revocation, license suspension, or even jail time. Getting a hit-and-run attorney can help you avoid serious consequences. 

Even if you are not injured, you could still be charged with a hit and run. Hit-and-run laws are very strict, and you might be facing a felony if you do not stop at the scene of an accident. This is because you violated your duty to provide information to the other driver. In addition, you may be required to provide your full name and address. If you are caught on camera, you may be able to get a reduced penalty. 

Although the laws regulating the hit-and-run may be a bit confusing, there are many things you can do to avoid being charged with this crime. One of the best ways to do this is to contact the police and provide all of the necessary details. Also, if the other driver is uninsured, you can file a claim to reimburse them for their medical expenses. 

Another great thing to do to avoid getting hit-and-run charges is to make sure you are contacting the owner of the vehicle you hit. For example, if you hit a parked vehicle, you should leave a note on the door indicating your identity. Alternatively, you might be able to use your cell phone to track the location of the owner. The most important point is to contact the owner right away, or you might wind up facing a hefty fine and license suspension. 

However, if you are charged with this crime, you can be convicted of a lesser offense that does not require a fine. It may be worth considering a plea bargain. An experienced hit-and-run lawyer can help you navigate the fine print of these laws and advise you on how to avoid a conviction. 

You might want to consider a New York hit-and-run lawyer if you have been accused of a hit-and-run or another type of traffic violation. These lawyers can advise you on what to do and what to avoid, and will often offer free consultations. They can also help you avoid costly penalties and ensure that you do not have a criminal record that could damage your future. Having a record can cost you money in auto insurance and other opportunities, so it is in your best interest to get legal representation.


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