What Is A Major Cause Of Death In Motorcycle Accidents?

What is a Major Cause of Death in Motorcycle Accidents? 

Among the main causes of motorcycle accidents, the study found that the most common age group for deaths is between twenty and thirty years. Nwadiaro et al. reported that this age group was among the most prevalent in Jos and Ilorin, Nigeria. Similar findings were seen in Uganda, Ghana, and South Africa. 

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Distracted driving 

Distracted drivers can easily miss a motorcycle on a solid green light. It can take them several hundred yards to react to a motorcyclist. This distraction can lead to a fatal motorcycle accident. Drivers who are distracted are more likely to make wrong turns, which increases the chances of collisions. 


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all motorcycle accidents result in fatalities. Speeding and drunk driving also play a role in many of these accidents, making them especially dangerous. In Maryland, for example, nearly 30 percent of motorcycle accidents result in the death of a motorcyclist. This number increases to 40 percent when there are no other vehicles involved. 


One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is driver inattention. Because motorcycles are often smaller than passenger vehicles, drivers may not notice them. This can lead to misjudgments about the motorcycle’s distance from the vehicle. Additionally, drivers are less likely to notice a motorcycle when merging into a street or intersection. 


Several studies have shown that drivers who use drugs or alcohol are more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents. These drugs impair a person’s judgment, vision, and reaction time, which are all crucial for safe driving. In addition, drugged drivers are less visible on the road, which increases the risk of collisions with other vehicles. In addition, they are more likely to fail to yield to other vehicles, which can cause a rear-end collision. Furthermore, motorcyclists are often involved in left-turn accidents, which result from failure to yield to other vehicles, a misjudged distance, or the driver’s failure to take the proper time to execute a safe left turn. 


Alcohol is a major cause of death in many motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 27 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities involved a driver who was at least 0.08 percent intoxicated. Similarly, more than 21 percent of light truck and passenger car drivers were also intoxicated. And while the most common age group for drunk motorcycle drivers is 40-to-44, there are also high rates among the 35-to-39 age group. However, age does not necessarily mean that an individual should not drink alcohol and should never ride a motorcycle. It’s important to remember that most healthy adults can maintain BAC levels below 0.08% in most cases with just one drink. 

Failing to engage turn signals 

Failure to engage turn signals can lead to deadly consequences. According to recent statistics, drivers fail to use their turn signals in nearly 2 million collisions every year. Using your turn signals when you change lanes can prevent collisions with cars aiming for the same spot as you. It also helps you avoid collisions with pedestrians. 

Internal bleeding 

Internal bleeding is a very serious injury and can be life-threatening if not treated properly. This type of injury can occur as a result of blunt force trauma or penetrating trauma. Internal bleeding is especially dangerous because it is not immediately apparent and can cause serious complications. 


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