What Happens When You Report A Hit And Run?

What Happens When You Report a Hit and Run Accident? 

Regardless of the type of hit-and-run, you have certain rights after a car accident. You have the right to file a police report and receive compensation. In addition, there are penalties for leaving the scene of an accident. Knowing what happens after an accident is the first step in bringing the driver to justice.

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Reporting a hit-and-run accident 

The first step after being involved in a hit-and-run accident is to report it to the police and your car insurance company. Failure to do so can make it more difficult to receive fair compensation. It is also important to report the accident as soon as possible. The sooner you report the accident, the more likely the police will have time to investigate the case. 

If the accident was your fault, make sure to take down the details of the accident, the driver’s contact information, and any property damage. Also, try to get as much information from witnesses as possible. The details of the other driver’s vehicle can be very helpful if you later file a hit-and-run claim. Likewise, take pictures of the damages to your vehicle and of any injuries. If the other driver is not able to be found, you may still be entitled to compensation. 

Filing a police report 

Filing a police report after a hit-and-run accident is an important step to ensure your safety. Although it is not a legal requirement, you may want to provide the police with your side of the story, even if you think you didn’t do anything wrong. If you do speak with the police, it’s important to remain as honest as possible and avoid admitting fault. Also, make sure you get the names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded to the accident. You can also ask for an incident report number. 

After a hit-and-run accident, you should contact the police and your own insurance company as soon as possible. An official accident report can help the police track down the other driver and help you file a claim. Witnesses may be able to provide additional details, so be sure to collect their names and contact information. This information is especially important if you cannot find the other driver. 

Penalties for leaving the scene of an accident 

Leaving the scene of an accident can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. This crime is especially serious when another person is injured or property is damaged. However, even if the driver of the car returns to the scene, they may still be charged with hit and run. 

In California, drivers may also be charged with DUI if they leave the scene of a crash without identifying themselves. California Vehicle Code SS 20002 applies to drivers who flee the scene of a hit-and-run accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Coverage available to victims of a hit-and-run 

Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) helps cover medical bills and associated expenses after a hit-and-run accident. Depending on the policy, PIP may also cover lost wages and funeral expenses. The policy may also include a deductible. Some states require PIP coverage for hit-and-run victims. 

If you’re the victim of a hit-and-run, you may be able to claim under your collision insurance policy. While you’ll almost certainly have to pay a deductible before your insurance plan will cover the damage, you can sometimes recover the deductible from the other driver’s insurance policy. 

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