What Causes Truck Accidents?

What Causes Truck Accidents? 

Large commercial trucks, such as dump/garbage trucks, tanker trucks, tractor-trailers, flatbed trucks, tow trucks, and mobile crane trucks, can cause serious injuries when involved in a crash. They are also a major source of property damage, especially in city areas. 

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The trucking industry is regulated with strict hours of operation limitations, which means that drivers must deliver cargo at specific times. Unfortunately, trucking companies are often willing to drive beyond the limits of this law because it helps them get loads from point A to point B faster. This pressure is not just a problem for drivers, it also creates a higher risk of crashes on busy highways. 

Driver Error – One of the leading causes of fatal truck accidents is driver error, which is a common problem with drivers of all kinds. Many truck drivers are in a rush to get their goods from point A to point B, which can lead them to make mistakes that cause devastating crashes. 

Fatigue and Alcohol Consumption – Another common cause of truck crashes is driver fatigue and drinking alcohol. These problems are caused by the combination of the physical and mental demands of driving, but they can be easily remedied with adequate rest. 

Unfamiliar Routes – When drivers are unfamiliar with a new route, they can become distracted or lose track of their vehicle. This can result in a dangerous truck accident that injures other motorists. 

Failure to Check and Maintain Loads – Improper loading of a truck’s load can result in rollover accidents. This can happen because the truck driver has not properly inspected the truck’s cargo before taking it out on the road. It could be due to an overly heavy load, a high center of gravity or the load being improperly distributed. 

Malfunctioning Brakes – Another common cause of truck crashes is a malfunctioning air brake system on the truck. When these systems fail, it can take a long time for the driver to slow down and stop their vehicle. 

In some cases, these issues can be resolved by simply pumping the brakes repeatedly as recommended by the manufacturer. However, this may not always be possible in certain situations, such as when a faulty air system or a bad fuel line can cause the brakes to stop working. 

Defective Equipment – Other common issues with truck vehicles include a lack of safety equipment or poor maintenance that can result in accidents. This can be caused by a truck company’s failure to maintain their trucks according to the requirements of state and federal regulations, or it could be due to a truck manufacturer’s negligence in manufacturing defective parts. 

Distracted Drivers – Aside from the fact that these issues are common in all types of motor vehicles, they can be particularly prevalent with trucks. This is because drivers of these vehicles are on the road for long periods of time, and they can easily get distracted from their duties. 

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