Percentage Of Motorcycle Riders Who Have Accidents?

Motorcycle Accidents – The Most Common Type of Accident 

2% increase in accidents in 2019 

The number of motorcycle accidents in the US has increased by 2% since 2012. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are now the most common type of accident, and the increase is expected to continue. The highest fatality rate is among people between the ages of 25 and 29. This group is disproportionately represented by people who are not wearing a helmet. 

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Motorcycle accidents are also associated with a higher rate of death than automobile crashes. In Florida, for example, there were more than 500 motorcycle fatalities last year, compared to 2,000 in other colder climates. Motorcycle accidents also result in more serious injuries than other types of crashes. And not all motors are created equal – cruisers and street bikes are more likely to crash than supersport bikes and MX/Enduro motorcycles. 

Alcohol is a leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. In 2019, 42% of fatal motorcycle accidents involved alcohol use. This number was even higher among people who were killed at night. Moreover, 57% of fatal motorcycle riders in 2019 did not wear a helmet. This number fell to just 9% in states that require all riders to wear a helmet. Furthermore, motorcycle fatalities were almost twice as likely to occur in urban settings compared to rural ones. Moreover, drivers with high blood alcohol levels account for about a third of motorcycle fatalities. 

2% increase in accidents in 2018 

In 2018, there was a 2% increase in motorcycle accidents across the country. In the United States, motorcycle accidents account for approximately 14 percent of traffic deaths. Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol are a particular danger to motorcycle riders. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than one out of every four fatal motorcycle crashes is the result of impaired driving. 

In 2018, about 5,038 people were killed in motorcycle accidents. Of those that died, approximately 30 percent did not hold a motorcycle license. Motorcycle fatalities are more likely to occur between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., and in 2018 there were 641 fatalities during these hours. In addition, 8% of fatalities involving motorcycles occurred during non-work hours. 

According to the NHTSA, about 39 percent of motorcyclists killed in the United States last year were not wearing a helmet. This percentage varied from eighty percent in Iowa to zero percent in Massachusetts. In a recent study, the NHTSA found that the most effective way to protect against head injuries is to wear a helmet. It’s also important for passenger cars to drive cautiously around motorcycles. Their low profile and small size make them difficult to see and judge distances. 

3% increase in accidents in 2019 

The number of motorcycles registered in the U.S. decreased by 63,427 in 2019, but the number of motorcycle-related injuries rose by 3% over last year. This increase was attributed to a higher rate of alcohol impairment, which accounts for almost half of the fatalities. More importantly, nearly one-third of motorcycle-related collisions involved someone driving without a valid motorcycle license. 

In the past decade, the number of motorcycle accidents has never dropped below 81,000. The number of fatal motorcycle crashes varies widely depending on the state. The darker a state is, the higher the number of motorcycle accidents that result in death. However, speeding accounts for a third of all motorcycle-related fatalities. 

The highest fatality rates involved motorcyclists aged 25 to 29 years old. This increase in fatality rates was most pronounced during weekends and mid-week. 

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