Moped Accidents How Often?

Moped Accidents – How Often? 

Moped accidents can cause serious injury or even death. Even minor bumps can result in brain trauma. Riders who don’t wear a helmet are twice as likely to be seriously injured. Some states even make riding a moped without a helmet a crime. The fact that mopeds are becoming more popular in cities doesn’t make them any less dangerous. 

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Mopeds are becoming more popular in urban areas 

The recent increase in moped sales may be the beginning of a trend or paradigm shift in the use of mopeds. As a result, traffic safety rules and regulations need to change to accommodate this new form of transportation. Many factors may contribute to the rise in moped accidents. 

One of the most important factors is that drivers should wear a helmet. The majority of moped drivers do not wear a helmet. In Florida, for example, only 17% of drivers wear a helmet. Despite this, the dangers of moped accidents are real. Although they are smaller than motorcycles, they can be just as deadly. 

They can cause serious injuries 

While mopeds are generally considered to be small vehicles, statistics show that they can be involved in serious accidents. Studies from the 1970s and 1980s found that mopeds were responsible for serious injuries, including lower extremity and head injuries. Moreover, research from other countries found that moped accidents caused up to 20 times more injuries than car accidents. However, contemporary studies have not examined the factors that contribute to the high rate of moped accidents in the United States. However, as mopeds continue to increase in popularity on American roads, reexamining recent crash data is crucial. 

A common cause of moped accidents is other motorists not paying attention to the road. In addition, mopeds have a smaller stopping distance than cars and trucks. This means that they have less time to stop and react, which increases the chance of rear-end collisions. Other causes of moped accidents include potholes and uneven road surfaces. Furthermore, riders sometimes think they can do things that are not safe for them, like lane splitting. This is dangerous because it can result in a collision, or even knock the rider off the road. 

They are less expensive than motorcycles 

One reason that moped accidents are less common is that mopeds are much cheaper than motorcycles. Although they are less expensive to operate, mopeds can still cause injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents result in a higher fatality rate. A recent study found that moped crashes result in 20 times higher injury rates than motorcycle crashes. 

Because mopeds are smaller, some riders may think they can do things without considering the risks involved. One such risk is lane splitting. This dangerous practice occurs when a vehicle is stopped or moving slowly, and a rider wants to move ahead. This can lead to a collision with another vehicle, or even to the rider being thrown onto the road. 

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