How To Report Someone For Drunk Driving?

How to Report Someone for Drunk Driving? 

Reporting someone for drunk driving is an important step that can save lives. Drunk drivers are responsible for numerous road accidents every year. They often cause fatal crashes that kill innocent people. 

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There are many ways to report a drunk driver, including contacting the police, reporting an anonymous tip, and checking your own vehicle for alcohol and other drug use. By reporting suspected drunk drivers, you can help to keep South Carolina roads safe for everyone. 

Watch for the following dangerous driving behaviors: 

Attempt to avoid contact with a drunk driver

If you see someone drinking and driving, don’t attempt to engage in any conversation or try to stop them. Stay as far away from them as possible, and if you can’t avoid their presence, pull over to the side of the road until the driver is safely off the road. 

Take a picture of the driver’s car and license plate so that law enforcement officers can easily locate the vehicle. Also, be sure to describe the driver’s behavior to the dispatcher so they can better assess if the driver is impaired or not. 

Abrupt or illegal turns: A drunk driver may make sudden and erratic turns. They may also drive in unsafe manners or follow other vehicles too closely. 

Sudden deceleration or acceleration: Drunk drivers may slow down for no apparent reason, speed up suddenly, and accelerate in uncontrollable fashions. 

Tailgating: Drunk drivers may follow other vehicles too closely and swerve or weave in an illogical manner. 

Ignoring traffic signals: A drunk driver might not recognize a traffic signal or ignore it entirely. They might also have trouble noticing their surroundings or making the correct turns. 

Talking on the phone: Cell phones are very distracting and can be a major safety hazard. If you suspect a drunk driver is talking on their phone, call the local non-emergency police number to alert them of your concern. 

Designate a Sober Driver Before Drinking

You might be tempted to let someone who has been drinking have their way with the keys, but it’s best to designate a sober friend or family member as a driver. This will help to avoid a confrontation later on when the person has had too much to drink and maybe driving while intoxicated. 

Speak with the driver about not driving while intoxicated:

It is very difficult to say no to a friend or family member, but it is vital that you speak with them and try to convince them that they cannot drive while intoxicated. You might be hesitant to confront the person, but the potential lives that are lost if they get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol should be more than enough motivation for you to refuse to allow them to drive. 

Be clear about why you want them not to drive:

A DUI is a crime that could ruin their life for a long time and leave them with a permanent criminal record. It can also result in significant financial damage, including medical bills and missed work. You can fight back against these costs by filing a civil suit against the drunk driver, who would likely be held accountable for their actions in a court of law. 

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