How To Prevent Truck Right Turn Accidents?

How to Prevent Wide Right Turn Accidents? 

When a truck driver makes a wide right turn, other drivers can be at risk for an accident. These incidents are sometimes referred to as “squeeze play” accidents and are particularly dangerous because they can trap a car between the truck and the curb. 

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A truck driver can avoid these crashes by ensuring that their vehicle’s mirrors are in proper working order and alignment before they drive. Additionally, it is important to check the truck’s side and fender-mounted mirrors regularly for any signs of inoperable equipment or obstructed visibility. 

If the turn signal on a truck has malfunctioned or isn’t functioning properly, it can increase the risk of a wide-right turn crash. If the mirrors on a truck are dirty or obstructed, it can also reduce the driver’s visibility of the road, making it difficult to detect vehicles and pedestrians in front of them. 

Another common reason for a wide-right turn crash is driver fatigue or sleepiness. Drowsy drivers are more likely to miss critical details about the traffic situation and make mistakes when driving. 

Drowsy truck drivers are more likely to misjudge the space between their vehicles and a turning vehicle, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. This can cause them to crash into other vehicles or pedestrians. 

Fatigue can also affect a truck driver’s reaction time, ability to focus, and decision-making skills. As a result, drowsy truck drivers may misjudge the amount of space they should provide to their vehicles when making a right turn. 

Taking a long distance road trip or driving at night can also increase the risk of these types of crashes. Especially if you are traveling with heavy cargo or large fuel containers, it is essential to take note of the road conditions before you leave on your journey. 

A wide-right turn crash can be avoided by ensuring that the mirrors on a truck are in proper working order and alignment before you drive. This will help you avoid missing any potential dangers that might be in front of your vehicle, such as a vehicle that has just pulled up on the left and is about to pull out of a driveway or an intersection. 

You should also check the turn signal on your vehicle before leaving to ensure it is in working order and that you don’t need to change it. If you are unsure, it is best to pull over before continuing your trip. 

The length of the trailer on a truck can also create a problem when executing a right turn. This is because the back of a truck’s trailer doesn’t follow the same path as the front of its tractor. This can cause a semi-truck to swing too wide when turning right, resulting in an accident that might involve both the truck and the other vehicle. 

If you are ever in a wide-right turn crash, the first thing to do is contact an attorney at our firm. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident and determine who is liable for the damages. We will then present you with a settlement of your claim. 

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