How To Negotiate A Car Accident Settlement With A Lawyer?

How to Negotiate a Car Accident Settlement With a Lawyer?

Whether you’re negotiating with an adjuster or a lawyer, you’re bound to spend a lot of time talking about the accident. You’ll be waiting months for repairs and medical bills, so every minute can feel like an eternity. While you’re negotiating a settlement, remember to stay professional and calm, as a car insurance adjuster might try to trick you into believing you’re not injured.

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Avoiding costly mistakes

There are several mistakes to avoid when negotiating a car accident settlement with your lawyer. The following tips will help you make the process go more smoothly. When talking to the insurance adjuster, avoid over-explaining the facts, as this can damage your credibility and cause factual contradictions. Don’t give recorded statements unless your accident attorney approves of the content. Your insurance company’s injury lawyer may also use negotiation tactics against you. During settlement negotiations, do not be overly friendly with your insurance adjuster, but remain firm and confident.
First, try to determine who is at fault in the car accident. If there is a clear fault, it will be easier to prove that the defendant is at fault. It will also make the settlement process easier because witnesses will testify in your favor. Lastly, avoid admitting fault or making unnecessarily high demands. The insurance company is not going to entertain a demand that seems excessive.

Writing a demand letter to the insurance company

Whether you are negotiating on your own or with the help of a lawyer, you should follow these simple steps when writing a demand letter. The first thing to remember when writing your letter is to be as clear as possible. Include all the relevant details of the accident, including names, dates, and insurance claim numbers. Be sure to list both the economic and non-economic damages.
In your letter, make sure you state your initial dollar amount for the settlement. You should also refer to the supporting documents to back up your demands. Be sure to include the insurance company’s policy limits and state that you are writing about a settlement, not a lawsuit. After the insurer receives your letter, you should follow up with a phone call to schedule a meeting with an insurance adjuster.

Avoiding “runners” in car accident settlements

When you are negotiating a car accident settlement with a lawyer, it is imperative to avoid allowing any “runners” to enter the negotiation. You can avoid being put on the defensive by calling emergency services if you are injured. In some cases, the other party will try to shift the blame by pointing out that you were distracted. A Carrollton car accident lawyer can help you prove your fault and negotiate with the insurance company effectively.

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