How To Avoid Drunk Driving?

How to Avoid Drunk Driving? 

Knowing how to avoid drunk driving is essential to your safety and to that of other people. It is also important to call the police if you think you may be driving drunk. The best way to avoid drunk driving is to plan. Before you go out drinking, designate a sober driver or take public transportation. If you’re traveling with other people, agree on a safe plan and everyone in the group should be aware of it. 

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Plan to avoid drunk driving 

Having a designated driver and planning is a great way to avoid drunk driving. When possible, make plans to stay with a friend or family member and avoid driving after drinking. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be in a safe place when you get home. 

Call the police 

If you witness a drunk driver on the road, call the police to report the incident. You should describe the vehicle’s make, color, license plate number, and direction of travel. If possible, take pictures of the vehicle and its license plate. Also, try to get descriptive information about the driver and passengers. 

Avoid drinking alone in a vehicle 

If you plan to drink alcohol, it is important to never drive if you’re intoxicated. Drunk drivers can cause fatal crashes and have severe consequences. They may also lose their jobs, have their company vehicles confiscated, and even have higher insurance rates. So, it’s important to never drink and drive, and make sure that you and your friends have designated drivers. Moreover, drink lots of water and food before you drive, and call a cab or ride-share service to pick you up. 

Book a cab or private vehicle 

Public transportation is a good option for getting home if you have been drinking, but make sure you check the schedule beforehand. Ride-sharing services are another option that is affordable and safe. However, you may have to share a ride with strangers, so be aware of your surroundings before you get in the car. 

Avoid drinking at a public location 

Drinking and driving are never a good combination. It is not only dangerous, but can also lead to accidents, fatalities, and damage to property. Additionally, there are legal ramifications to consider. Although plenty of people know that alcohol and driving do not mix, a staggering number of crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers result in at least one death. Each day, at least 29 people die in drunk driving crashes. 

Serve non-alcoholic drinks 

Serve non-alcoholic drinks to avoid drunk driving at parties and other gatherings. These drinks can be made from fresh juices, fruits, or herbs. They are often called mocktails. 

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