How Much More Can You Get From A Car Accident Settlement If You Use A Lawyer?

How Much More Can You Get From a Car Accident Settlement? 

Car accidents can cause serious injuries that can change your life. Depending on the circumstances, you may get a small settlement, or you could get a massive payout. Regardless of how much you are awarded, you will want to make sure that your settlement covers all of your expenses. 

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To receive compensation, you will need to provide proof of your injuries. You should also include any medical costs you incurred as a result of your accident. This includes lost wages, vehicle damage, and therapy bills. The average car accident settlement ranges between $14,000 and $28,000. While this may seem like a lot of money, the reality is that most people don’t get nearly that much. 

If you are hurt in a car accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. Your symptoms may not be apparent right away. Getting medical care quickly can help you document the effects of your injury, and help you qualify for a settlement. It is also important to note that waiting too long can result in your receiving no compensation for your injuries. 

If you do not receive adequate compensation for your injury, you can file a lawsuit against the person who caused the car accident. However, you should understand that it is difficult to file a lawsuit. Oftentimes, you will have to wait for an appeals decision to be made. Even if you win your case, you might have to wait a year to collect your settlement. Therefore, you should seek professional legal assistance if you are looking to sue the individual who caused your accident. 

You should know that the insurance company will not pay for all of your expenses. They will only pay you up to the limit of your policy. For example, if you have $14,000 in medical bills, the insurance company may only pay you $4,000. But you will still have to hire an attorney to help you sue the individual who caused your accident. 

Depending on the state that you reside in, you may have to deal with different rules when it comes to filing a claim. Many states use shared fault rules, which means that a jury will determine your percentage of fault for the accident. Since the other driver is at fault, you will have a reduced settlement. Some states will only allow you to sue them if they have no insurance. 

While the Insurance Information Institute says that the average property damage settlement is $21,000, the actual amount can vary. Some attorneys will estimate that you will get up to $500,000, but this is not the norm. 

Typical compensation for pain and suffering is dependent on the severity of the accident and the long-term effects of your injuries. These damages include things such as emotional distress, physical pain, and even future pain. During a court case, a judge will consider how the crash affected your life. A person who suffers head trauma will be affected more than someone who breaks a leg. 

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