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Retrieving Data. Wait a Few Seconds and Try Again in Excel 

If you are unable to perform a specific action in Microsoft Excel, such as cutting or copying a text or image, then you might encounter the Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try again. error. There are several possible solutions to this problem. However, one of the best ways to resolve this error is by identifying the culprit, which is likely a malicious component. Fortunately, there is a software solution for this error, and it is free of charge.

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Retrieving data errors in MS Excel 

If you receive the Retrieving data error when trying to copy, cut, or paste an Excel document, you may want to try a different web browser. This can prevent the error, and it will allow you to copy data without experiencing the problem. The web app for Excel is also compatible with several different browsers, so you can try a different one and see if that fixes the problem. If not, here are some other options to try. 

The first solution is to download the desktop version of Excel. If you are using the online version of Excel, click on the File tab and then select Download or Save As. Once you download the document, open it and save it to your computer. This should fix the error. After that, you will be able to use MS Excel without the error. Just make sure that you have a copy of the Excel document on your computer. 

Retrieving data errors in Windows 10 

If you’re constantly receiving the Retrieving data error on your computer, you may want to try to remove the corrupted files first. This error message appears whenever you try to copy or cut any file from your system. You might have removed it accidentally by clicking the Reset button, but this will only make the problem worse. This article will explain how to fix the error and get your files back. It also explains how to fix the Retrieving data error in Windows 10 with the help of third-party tools. 

Whether you use Microsoft Excel online, Office 365, or the Excel Web App, you can fix this error in a few simple steps. First, try to split the original file into multiple smaller files. You can also try copying it to a Google Doc or Excel application so that the file doesn’t exceed 100MB. Once you’ve tried these methods, you can try to retrieve your data with the help of Stellar Data Recovery. It will work with all types of Windows PCs and external storage devices to help you recover lost data. 

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