How Much Does Drunk Driving Cost The U.S. Each Year?

How Much Does Drunk Driving Cost the US Each Year? 

According to MADD, drunk driving costs the US $71 billion in quality-of-life costs, as well as an additional $32 billion in work-related costs. Of these costs, $24 billion goes to the government, while the remaining cost is paid by the at-fault driver. Some crash victims have to pay for housekeepers and other services. 

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Cost of DUI bail 

In the US, the cost of DUI bail is not cheap. If you’re arrested for DUI, you’ll be forced to pay hundreds of dollars in fees to the police. This includes the cost of towing your car, which is a major revenue generator for the city. The cost of towing your car may range from $100 to $200 per month, and it is important to remember that your vehicle may be impounded. You won’t be able to drive it out of the impound lot until you pay the towing and storage fees. 

Aside from the fees associated with bail, the state will also charge you for random urine or drug screenings. These can range from under $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the state and jurisdiction. You can also be ordered to do community service, which may also come with a fee. 

Cost of alcohol education class 

An alcohol education class in the US costs anywhere from $350 to $500. The program requires attendance at a group meeting or one-on-one session and involves discussion of the dangers of alcohol and its effect on a person’s life. Participants also learn about the legal consequences of alcohol use and abuse. These classes are designed to help individuals gain a better perspective on their own choices and decisions in life. 

An alcohol education class is for drivers aged 21 and older and is an important step toward reducing the risk of having an accident. It is a nationally recognized program and focuses on personal risk reduction and self-assessment related to alcohol. While the course is voluntary, many adults are referred by probation or court after a first DUI. The course costs around $80, and pre-registration is required. The class is available in English and Spanish. 

Cost of court costs 

Cost of court costs for drunk driving cases can vary greatly, depending on the severity of the offense. For first-time DUI offenders, court costs may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. In addition to court fees, defendants may be required to perform community service, which may cost between twenty and eighty hours. This process can eat up a lot of time and money. 

Depending on the state, you may have to pay for drug or urine testing, SR-22 (certificate of insurance), or an ignition interlock device (IID). Some states also require you to pay an annual fee of up to $2,000 to maintain your license. Whether or not you pay these fees will depend on the severity of your conviction and the type of treatment you choose. 

Cost of car insurance after a DUI 

The costs for car insurance after a DUI can vary considerably, depending on the insurance company and state you live in. The first three years after a DUI are the most expensive, but after that, the rates tend to fall. In most cases, you can expect to pay less than $100 a month for car insurance. 

While you can get by with minimum coverage, you should remember that it’s not enough to get around the requirement of a full policy. Auto insurance after a DUI can cost up to three times the amount you paid before the incident. Even in the most inexpensive states, such as Missouri, you can expect to pay upwards of seventy percent more. If you’re looking for the most affordable insurance option, consider non-owner insurance. Non-owner insurance offers protection that is similar to the minimum coverage requirement for motorists. Premiums can vary from $200 to $500 per year. 

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