How Many Truck Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers?

How Many Truck Accidents Are Caused by Drunk Drivers? 

In 2019, about 510,000 truck accidents took place, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More than 5,005 people died, and 119,000 were injured in these crashes. While most of the injuries were to passenger vehicle occupants, truck drivers also suffered significant losses. 

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The majority of these accidents were caused by a trucker’s intoxication, but some are due to other factors. Some examples include speeding, drowsy driving, and poor weather conditions. 

A trucker’s intoxication can cause a variety of different accidents, but the most common types are rear-ended collisions and head-on collisions. Rear-end collisions are a common cause of death for passenger vehicles and pedestrians. 

Drivers are prohibited from operating their commercial vehicles while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. In addition, truckers are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing before they are allowed to operate their trucks. 

These tests can detect the presence of drugs or alcohol, which can help law enforcement determine if a driver was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs before they caused an accident. However, if a driver refuses to take these tests or fails to complete them, they may face additional penalties. 

DUI Truck Accidents

Despite the fact that all truckers must undergo extensive training to get their commercial driver’s license (CDL), there are still plenty of people who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances. In addition to being a dangerous and negligent act, it is a violation of federal regulations and puts everyone else on the road at risk. 

If you were involved in a drunk truck crash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. A qualified personal injury attorney can help you determine if the driver’s intoxication was a factor in the accident and whether you can recover damages. 

You might be able to file a claim for damages, which can include medical expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you can also collect punitive damages. 

When you hire an experienced trucking accident lawyer, they can make sure all liable parties are identified and held liable for your injuries. Your attorney can also negotiate with the trucking company and insurance companies on your behalf to reach a fair settlement. 

The quickest way to prove the driver was drunk is by collecting evidence at the scene of the crash or after the accident occurs. The evidence can include the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC), the amount of time he was operating the truck, and his vehicle’s maintenance records. 

In addition, the trucking company might be liable for hiring a driver who was intoxicated and placing him on the road. A qualified trucking accident lawyer can investigate the company’s policies and procedures, as well as the driver’s previous history of DUI violations. 

In some cases, truckers may have a history of committing alcohol-related offenses that make them less likely to obey the laws on the road. During the investigation, your attorney will look for other evidence that may prove your claim. If there is enough proof that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident, you can prevail in your claim for damages. 

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