How Many Motorcycle Crash Occur Each Day? 

How Many Motorcycle Crash Occur Each Day? 

In recent years, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has increased dramatically. This is due to the fact that motorcycle riders lack the protective coverage of a closed vehicle, which results in a higher likelihood of injuries and death when riding a motorbike. 

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Most people who have ridden a motorcycle know that they are at a great risk when they get into an accident. This is because they are far more vulnerable than car or truck drivers because of their small size and the fact that they often have less visibility in comparison to other road users. 

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is speeding and other reckless driving habits. However, despite this, there are some safety tips that can help you stay safe when on a motorcycle. 

Don’t Speed

One in three fatal motorcycle accidents occurs because the driver was speeding. This statistic is important to note as it is a significant contributing factor to motorcycle crash deaths. 

Moreover, speeding can also lead to an accelerated reaction time by a rider which can cause them to lose control of their bike and fall off the back. This can be extremely dangerous especially if the rider is not wearing a helmet and this could result in brain injury or death. 

Don’t Drink & Drive

The vast majority of all motorcycle crashes are caused by alcohol-impaired motorists. This can be particularly true during the night and on weekends when traffic is at its busiest and congested. In addition, most people who are drunk tend to make bad decisions which can result in a serious crash. 

Don’t Wear a Helmet

The number of motorcycle fatalities per year is nearly 29 times higher than that of passenger car occupants killed in crashes. The helmet is a life-saving piece of equipment and it has been shown to be effective in preventing brain damage. 

But only 18 states and the District of Columbia have universal motorcycle helmet laws in place, so it is not uncommon for riders to ride without protective headgear. This can be even more dangerous in urban areas where most of motorcycle accidents happen. 

Fixed Object Collisions

Another major contributing factor to motorcycle crashes is the presence of fixed objects such as curbs, trees and fences on roads that are shared by both vehicles. These fixed roadside hazards are more difficult to avoid than most other types of collisions. 

In addition, motorcyclists are more likely to collide with parked cars than pedestrians or other vehicles. This is because motorcyclists can’t see parked cars and they are at a greater risk of getting hit by them. 

Left-turn Crashes

Another leading cause of motorcycle accidents is when a motorcyclist attempts to turn left across an oncoming lane of traffic. This is one of the most dangerous maneuvers for both cars and bikes. 

Unfortunately, too many drivers are careless when it comes to turning left. They either merge into a lane already occupied by a motorcycle or change lanes without looking. This can put a motorcyclist on a collision course with a fixed roadside object or into a door that has been opened by a car or truck driver. 

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