How Many Motorcycle Accidents Compared To Auto Accidents?

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused Compared to Auto Accidents? 

Compared to cars, motorcycles are more likely to be involved in an accident. This is a result of the fact that they are less powerful and have fewer safety features than other vehicles on the road. 

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A large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by careless driving or reckless behavior by the driver of the vehicle that causes the crash. This type of behavior may involve speeding, improper lane use, drinking and driving or other irresponsible behaviors. 

Incorrectly used lane markings and signs can be hazardous for motorcyclists as well. They can lead to a collision, especially when other drivers are unaware that they have the right of way. 

Poorly lit roads, hidden driveways, unmarked lanes, standing water, low-hanging branches and pavement defects are all unsafe situations that can be a risk for a motorcycle as well. These conditions can cause a bike to be struck from behind and can also lead to injuries. 

Improper lane use and lane splitting are two other dangerous practices that lead to motorcycle accidents. These behaviors can cause a motorcyclist to be hit from behind by another vehicle or to run into the side of a car. 

Blind spot violations are a very common cause of motorcycle accidents. These crashes occur when a driver is making an unsafe lane change or changes lanes without checking their blind spots first. 

Many of these incidents involve a car making a left-hand turn while a bike is in the same lane, which can be fatal to the biker. This is because the car will be unable to see the motorcycle before making the turn, which can cause it to run into the biker. 

Similarly, when a car is making an illegal U-turn or turns in front of the biker, these types of maneuvers can result in a crash that is devastating for both the biker and the other driver. This can happen in traffic, but it is more likely to occur in highways or on rural roads where it is easier for the vehicle to enter the path of a biker. 

Drunk driving and drug use are also dangerous behaviors that can be very damaging to a motorcyclist. These are a serious and preventable problem that should not be ignored. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that alcohol-involved crashes are the most deadly form of a motorcycle crash and account for a significant portion of all motorcycle deaths. 

These accidents are more common during rush hour than other times of the day and can be quite devastating for both the motorcyclists and the drivers in cars. 

In addition to the dangers of drunk driving, drivers are also more likely to be distracted by their phones and other electronics when they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This can also cause them to miss important details about the environment around them, such as other vehicles or pedestrians, which can increase their chances of a motorcycle accident. 

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