How Many Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Grass Clippings?

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused by Grass Clippings? 

Grass clippings are a serious hazard for motorcyclists, and they are particularly dangerous when freshly cut grass is present on the road. They can cause a cyclist to lose control of his or her bike. Sadly, a couple recently lost their lives after grass clippings on a road caused one of their cyclists to crash. Thomas Zeglen was leading a group of cyclists last Saturday when he lost control of his bike when he encountered clippings on the road. His wife Cheryl was not able to avoid the crash and died a few days later in the hospital. 

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Grass clippings are a hazard to motorcyclists 

Grass clippings on the road can be a hazard for motorcycle riders. These small particles, as small as two inches, are dangerous because they can trap the 800 pounds of the bike and rider. A patch of grass with sap oozing out of it can cause a motorcycle accident, which may result in fatalities. 

Motorcyclists often don’t realize the danger grass clippings pose to their vehicles. These particles are as slippery as ice on winter days, and they can easily affect traction. Grass clippings can cause a motorcycle to lose control, particularly on turns. 

They act like sheets of ice 

Grass clippings on the road can be dangerous for motorcycle riders. Since grass clippings are primarily water, they reduce traction and create a slick surface. This can lead to spin-outs and loss of maneuverability. This can result in catastrophic injuries for riders. 

Grass clippings are also dangerous for bicycles. They are slippery and can kill a cyclist, as happened to Cheryl Zeglen last Saturday. Her husband, Thomas Zeglen, was leading a group of cyclists when he lost control and crashed into Cheryl. Sadly, she died in the hospital two days later. 

They are a hazard to inattentive drivers 

Grass clippings on the road can be a serious problem for motorcyclists in Charlotte and throughout the state of North Carolina. This debris is not only dangerous for riders but also clogs storm sewers. If you find clippings on the road, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the person who put them there. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you file a claim and recover damages from the responsible party. 

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is yard debris. These materials cause a slippery road surface and separate tires from the pavement. This can cause catastrophic injuries and spin-outs. When these materials are wet, they can cause a rider to lose control of their motorcycle. 

They are a hazard to motorcyclists 

Grass clippings on the road create a slick surface for motorcycle tires. When the tires lose traction, they may spin out or lose maneuverability. The result can be devastating injuries. These accidents can lead to fatalities, but they are preventable. Motorcyclists should be extra cautious on the roads this summer. 

While grass clippings do not cause the majority of motorcycle accidents, they present serious safety hazards for motorcycle drivers. Wet grass, especially in cold weather, may result in tire failure. This is particularly dangerous on roads where motorcycle riders may not be able to adjust their speed in time. 

They are a hazard to the environment 

Grass clippings are an obvious and often overlooked road hazard, but they are a very real danger for motorcycle riders. Grass clippings often fall into storm sewer systems, which can become clogged with debris. Furthermore, they can cause injury or death to motorcyclists. Bikers need to be aware of these hazards, slow down when riding, and swerve when necessary. 

Grass clippings are among the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. They were responsible for at least half of all motorcycle crashes last year. This is no surprise considering that grass clippings are often blown behind a lawn mower and onto the pavement. 

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