How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are There A Year?

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are There a Year? 

There are several different ways to find out how many motorcycle accidents occur in the US every year. You can look at the number of fatalities, the injuries sustained in the crashes, or the weather conditions that can lead to an accident. To find out more about the statistics, read on. You may be surprised to know that most of these accidents happen on non-interstate roads, such as city streets and highways. 

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Statistics on motorcycle accidents 

Motorcycle accidents are often deadly. One study reported that more than ninety percent of all fatal motorcycle accidents occurred on non-interstate roads. While these roads typically have higher speed limits, they also have more potholes and heavier traffic. This is a big factor when determining the risk of a motorcycle accident. Despite these risks, motorcycle riders often don’t wear a helmet. 

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by driver error. Most accidents occur while over-braking or negotiating a curve at high speed. In only three percent of motorcycle accidents, a malfunction in a motorcycle causes a crash. This is why bikers need to perform pre-ride inspections before hopping on the road. Most motorcycle accident injuries are traumatic brain injuries. Fortunately, wearing a motorcycle helmet can reduce the risk of TBI. 

Number of fatalities 

According to the statistics, the number of motorcycle fatalities in the United States was sixty-one percent between May and September 2020. The highest fatality rate was in August, while the lowest was in January 2020. Forty-seven percent of fatal motorcycle accidents were alcohol-related, and twenty-two percent occurred on interstates or freeways. These fatalities occurred more often in urban areas than rural ones, and many of them involved people under the influence of alcohol. The statistics also revealed that the most dangerous time for motorcycles to be on the road was in daylight hours, while the lowest was during dusk or dawn. 

In the last decade, motorcycle accident fatality numbers have consistently topped eight thousand. However, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents varies from state to state. Traditionally, interstate highways are used by motorists, and motorcyclists may choose to travel these roads for pleasure. 

Number of injuries 

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, especially for the people who ride them. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, nearly one in five motorcycle fatalities is caused by a driver’s error. These crashes most often involve over-braking or negotiating a curve at high speed. A lesser percentage of motorcycle crashes are caused by a vehicle malfunction, which is why it is important to perform a pre-ride inspection before you ride. 

Another study shows that motorcycle crashes cost more to treat than car crashes. The researchers analyzed medical records of people in Ontario, Canada, who were injured in motorcycle crashes. They found that in the first two years after a crash, the cost of treating a motorcycle accident victim is twice as high as in a car crash. 

Weather conditions 

Weather conditions are a huge factor in motorcycle accidents. Not only does bad weather cause poor visibility, but it also makes roads more slippery, which increases the chance of a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle riders are also more vulnerable to the effects of bad weather than other road users. As a result, motorcycle accidents tend to be much more serious than those involving cars. 

A recent report published by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute blamed poor weather conditions for nearly two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents. Drivers often ignore weather conditions that could make driving hazardous. Wet weather makes visibility difficult, and even light rain can lead to a loss of control. Motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous in foggy conditions, when drivers may not be able to see the motorcycles. In addition, heat stroke and hypothermia can make it difficult for motorcyclists to react quickly. 

DOT-approved helmets 

How many motorcycle accidents are there each year? The answer varies by age group. According to MoneyGeek, the most common age for fatal motorcycle crashes is 25 to 29 years old. Drivers 50 and older make up 36% of fatalities. It is important to note that half of all motorcycle fatalities occur on weekends, between the hours of 6:00 p.m. on Friday and 5:59 a.m. on Monday. That means that on average, there are two fatal motorcycle crashes every five days. 

Motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries are higher during the weekend than on weekdays. However, weekdays are not necessarily risk-free either. Rain, snow, and fog reduce visibility and traction, so driving responsibly during these times is important. And don’t forget to wear a helmet! 


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