How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused By Cars?

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused by Cars? 

While motorcycles have much smaller sizes than a car, they are still at risk of being involved in car accidents. Moreover, their visibility is significantly limited. That’s why motorcycle accidents are caused more frequently by cars than by motorcycles. Motorcycles are also at risk of dangerous road conditions. 

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Inexperienced drivers

Driver inexperience is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. While an experienced driver can easily avoid a crash, inexperienced drivers can still cause serious injuries and even fatalities. Luckily, there are several ways to protect yourself from inexperienced drivers. First, learn how to avoid distractions while driving. Distracted drivers are more likely to hit motorcycles than other drivers, so make sure to always be aware of your surroundings while driving. 

Motorcycles are not as crash-worthy as other vehicles, and they require different skills to operate. They are smaller than other vehicles and are harder to spot than cars or trucks. Consequently, drivers are less likely to notice motorcycles, especially at intersections. 

Road conditions 

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that cars are the cause of approximately one-third of all motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents are the result of several factors, including improper lane usage, speeding, and failure to yield to motorcycles. More importantly, drivers fail to recognize motorcycles and their right-of-way, which can result in deadly outcomes. 

Regardless of the reason, motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to collisions with cars due to their small size, poor visibility, and instability compared to four-wheel vehicles. They also require a different physical and mental skill set than cars. Road conditions and weather conditions may also pose additional hazards. 

Distracted driving 

A growing body of evidence has linked distracted driving to motorcycle accidents. Drivers may be too preoccupied with their phones, texting, checking emails, or conversing with a passenger to focus on the road. The result is an accident, and motorcycle riders often suffer severe injuries. Distracted drivers are more likely to make errors while driving, which increases the risk of an accident. 

Motorcycle accidents can occur at any speed, but most occur when vehicles are traveling less than thirty miles per hour. This is because the speed of a vehicle can influence the response time of other drivers and increase the risk of a motorcycle accident. In addition, speeding reduces the reaction time of a motorist, which means they are more likely to make a mistake. Speed also causes motorists to overcorrect, which increases the risk of an accident. 

Lane splitting 

Lane splitting is a common practice among motorcyclists, but there are risks associated with it. For example, when a motorcyclist is lane-splitting, they may be struck by a motorist making a right turn, or they may crash into a car door. In addition, in some states, lane splitting is illegal. 

However, despite its potential dangers, lane splitting is a common practice and helps motorcycle riders avoid rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions are the leading cause of motorcycle injuries and they can cause serious injuries. Around 25% of motorcycle accidents involve rear-end collisions. 


Speeding is a major contributing factor to motorcycle accidents. It not only increases the likelihood of an accident, but it also reduces the driver’s ability to react in time. Because of their lack of protection from the outside environment, motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a factor in nearly one-third of motorcycle fatalities in 2018. 

Drivers who speed may not understand how their speed affects their ability to stop and maneuver around a motorcycle rider. This results in left-turn accidents and right-of-way mistakes. 

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