How Many Drunk Driving Deaths In 2022 Worldwide?

How Many Drunk Driving Deaths Will Occur in 2022 Worldwide? 

If you want to know how many drunk driving deaths will occur in 2022, you can use data from the NHTSA’s FARS database. This data covers the last five years, and the data can be used to forecast the number of fatal drunk driving crashes in the United States. For this study, MoneyGeek analyzed the data using a Bayesian time series forecasting model. The model took into account U.S. holidays and trend line components to predict the number of DUI-related crashes. 

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Drunk driving deaths have increased in recent years, but the question is: How many will there be in 2022? MoneyGeek’s analysis of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that, based on historical data, there will be approximately 10,360 drunk driving fatalities worldwide. Over the last five years, fatal DUIs have increased by 8%. The deadliest time of year to be behind the wheel is summer when more people are drinking and driving. Independence Day week is projected to be the deadliest week for drunk driving in 2022. 

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that men are more likely to drive drunk than women. Men also tend to speed more and are less likely to wear seatbelts. BAC statistics show that men are more likely to be involved in car crashes, and their crashes are more severe than women’s. On average, men were responsible for 32% of fatal crashes involving alcohol. 

Repeat offenders 

The statistics on drunk driving deaths are horrifying, and the number of repeat offenders is even worse. These statistics highlight the need for better regulations. One of the first steps to combating the problem is better education and enforcement of drink-drive laws. Other strategies include the use of alternative transportation and more frequent BAC checks. Mass media campaigns can also help raise awareness about drunk driving. 

Drink-driver deaths are a global problem. Statistics from the United States show that about 13% of the world’s road fatalities are the result of drunk drivers. In the UK, drink-driving deaths are responsible for nearly a third of all fatalities. In other countries, the rate is much lower. 

Days of the week with the highest risk 

A new study has revealed that Saturdays are the most dangerous days of the week for drunk drivers. Sundays follow closely behind. However, Tuesdays have the lowest percentage of fatal drunk driving crashes. The study also found that July 4th is the deadliest weekday for drunk driving deaths. The study attributed this to people taking time off work for barbecues and visiting beaches. 

The number of drunk driving crashes is also highest on the weekends and at night. Statistics from 2009 show that alcohol-impaired crash rates were four times higher at night than during the day. And the risk of deadly crashes during the weekend is double that of weekdays. 

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