How Many Drunk Driving Deaths In 2020 In Nebraska?

How Many Drunk Driving Deaths in 2020 in Nebraska? 

Every state prohibits driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In Nebraska, this means that anyone who has been intoxicated with 0.08 percent or more alcohol in their blood is prohibited from controlling a motor vehicle. The Nebraska Revised Statutes Section 60-6,196 defines this violation as driving with 0.08 percent or more alcohol in their blood.

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Millennials are most likely to drink and drive 

Millennials are less likely to drink and drive than older generations. Millennials believe that they aren’t in control when they drink and post about it on social media, so they tend to be less likely to consume alcohol than their elders. Millennials are also the most likely to buy things while they are drunk. According to a survey, a third of millennials bought something while they were drunk in the past year, and they mostly bought clothing, cigarettes, and food. 

Teens aged 19 and younger make up about 5.2% of licensed drivers in Nebraska. This includes drivers with Learner’s Permits (LPD), School Permits (SCPs), and Provisional Operator Permits (POPs). In Nebraska, drunk driving was the number one cause of traffic deaths for teens in 2020. In addition, 78% of teens were not wearing seat belts when they were in an accident, and 14% of crashes occurred between midnight and three a.m. Parents have an important role to play in keeping their teens safe on the road. 

Holiday weekends are the deadliest times of year for impaired driving 

Holiday weekends are some of the deadliest times of year for impaired driving. The most dangerous days to drive are Labor Day and Memorial Day. On Labor Day, there are about three times as many driving fatalities as on any other weekend, and nearly a third of those accidents involved someone who was drinking. Labor Day traffic fatalities are especially high because of aggressive driving and running red lights. 

These days, Americans tend to drink more and drive more, leading to higher rates of drunk driving accidents. In recent years, the holiday has seen a five-fold increase in drunk driving crashes. New Year’s Eve is also one of the most deadly times of the year, with more drivers on the road. 

Number of repeat offenders 

Statistics show that one in three traffic deaths in the United States involves a drunk driver. This statistic may seem small, but it demonstrates that drunk driving is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one out of three traffic deaths in the United States is caused by drunk drivers. Even in states such as Nebraska, crashes involving drunk drivers are common and result in injuries or fatalities. The victims of these crashes may be eligible for compensation. To help them with this process, they can contact a DUI attorney. 

Repeat drunk driving offenders face more serious consequences than first-time DUI offenders. The second offense usually carries mandatory jail time of 90 days to six months. In addition to jail time, a repeat DUI conviction often means having to use an ignition interlock device for two years. The driver must also pay for the interlock device. 

Number of people convicted of drunk driving in Nebraska 

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, one out of every 150 miles driven in Nebraska is by someone driving under the influence of alcohol. In 1999, there were 2,057 reported alcohol-related crashes involving drivers and pedestrians. In addition, more than 3,000 people were injured in such accidents. In addition to fatalities, these accidents resulted in disabling injuries. In Nebraska, drunk drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than nondrinkers. 

Drunk drivers are not only dangerous to the driver and other passengers, but they are also illegal. According to the CDC, one out of three traffic deaths nationwide involves an impaired driver. Unfortunately, this is no exception to Nebraska. The consequences of a drunk driver’s first offense can be devastating, costing him or her their career, family, and friends. As a result, Nebraska continues to maintain a 97% conviction rate for drunk drivers. 


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