How Many Drunk Driving Death On New Years Eve?

How Many Drunk Driving Deaths on New Year’s Eve? 

Whether you are planning to celebrate New Year or are just heading out to your local bar, there is a higher risk of being in a drunk driving accident this year. The number of people who are killed in alcohol-related car crashes this holiday period is higher than the average, according to data released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

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On New Year’s Eve, the risk of being in an alcohol-related crash is higher than on any other day of the year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 123 Americans died in alcohol-related crashes on the holiday last year. The figures are up from 29 people in 2015. 

On New Year’s Eve, a drunk driver is involved in a crash nearly half of the time. This means that a person dies in an alcohol-related crash every 49 to 50 minutes. This is more than double the rate of deaths that occur on any other day. 

Most of the people killed in alcohol-related car crashes on the New Year’s holiday were pedestrians. However, a driver is involved in 62 percent of crashes that involve a bicyclist or a passenger who is intoxicated. 

In addition to the number of deaths, there are also a large number of injuries that happen on the roads during the holiday period. The National Safety Council estimates that over 430 people will be injured on the roads this year. The majority of those injuries will be attributed to drunk drivers. 

Although it is illegal to drive under the influence on New Year’s Eve, there are many ways to prevent an accident. Some of these are rideshare services, designating a sober driver, or using public transportation. Taking precautions to avoid being in a drunk driving accident is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

The most common way to travel during the holidays is by car. Car trips account for the most fatalities on the road of any major form of transportation. 119 people die per day during the most popular holiday periods. The highest rate of deaths is during the spring, with the rate of deaths declining in the summer and decreasing in the winter. 

While the numbers vary for each state, the majority of fatalities on the roads during the holiday season are attributed to drunk drivers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that the number of deaths on the roads increases by eleven percent on New Year’s Eve. This increase is due to a large number of people getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

The most common way to avoid getting into a drunk driving accident is to designate a sober driver to take you home. If you are hosting a party at home and can’t find someone sober to take you, it’s a good idea to call a taxi. This will ensure that your passengers get home safely. If you are a passenger who gets into a crash because of a drunk driver, you may be eligible for civil damages. 

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