How Many Deaths Occur From Drunk Driving?

How Many Deaths Occur From Drunk Driving? 

Across the United States, drunk driving causes approximately 11,654 deaths each year, and is responsible for the loss of countless innocent lives. Each year, people drink and drive 121 million times. On average, a drunk driver gets behind the wheel 80 times before being arrested for driving under the influence. Inevitably, most drivers will come into contact with a drunk driver, and the statistics show that it is the third leading cause of fatal traffic crashes. 

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Statistics about drunk driving 

There has been significant progress made in reducing the number of drunk driving deaths over the past few decades, thanks to the efforts of lawmakers and activists, as well as the increasing use of ride-sharing and designated drivers. However, statistics still show that driving while intoxicated remains one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents. As of January 2018, 19 percent of fatal car accidents involved a legally drunk driver, compared to 22 percent in 2010. While the risk of becoming an impaired driver varies according to age, gender, and driving time, these statistics still reflect a growing problem that must be addressed to prevent the deadly consequences of drunk driving. 

The United States is among the top countries when it comes to drunk driving fatalities. About 43% of US adults admit to drinking and driving, and male drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal car crashes than female drivers. Additionally, in the United States, more than ten percent of criminal arrests are for driving while intoxicated. States like Utah have the strictest BAC standards in the country, lowering the legal limit for a driver to 0.05%. 

Cost of alcohol-related traffic accidents 

Alcohol-related traffic accidents are among the most expensive. The societal costs associated with alcohol-impaired driving were nearly $44 billion in 2010. Alcohol-impaired drivers are responsible for approximately one-third of crash-related costs, while non-occupants are responsible for one-fourth of crash-related costs. In 2012, alcohol-related traffic crashes cost more than $6 billion in medical costs, with victims suffering physical and emotional pain. The medical expenses include deductibles, co-pays, and long-term care costs. Some victims sustain serious injuries, which may have lifelong implications. 

The cost of alcohol-related traffic accidents varies from region to region. Rural areas are at a disproportionately high risk of these accidents. The number of alcohol-related fatal crashes in rural communities is seven to eight times higher than in urban areas. 

Number of fatalities caused by drunk driving 

The number of fatalities caused by drunk driving varies greatly from state to state. In the United States, the death rate for alcohol-impaired driving was about 3.1 per 100,000 people in 2018. In some states, the number of fatalities is even higher than the national average. For example, in North Dakota, 40 percent of traffic deaths in 2018 were attributed to drunk drivers. 

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, in the United States, drunk drivers are responsible for more than 11,000 deaths every year. That’s about one death every thirty minutes, which is an alarming rate. In addition, drunk drivers cause nearly 300,000 accidents every day, and there are over a thousand DUI arrests in the United States each year. While the percentage of arrests for driving under the influence has gone down in recent years, the number of fatalities caused by drunk drivers is still growing. 

Percentage of fatal crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers 

Many statistics are showing that alcohol is a contributing factor in traffic crashes. In 2002, about 4 percent of fatal crashes involved a driver who was impaired by alcohol. In contrast, only 0.6 percent of crashes involving drivers who were not intoxicated resulted in death. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in crashes involving alcohol-impaired drivers, 28 percent of the fatally injured drivers had a BAC of.10 percent or higher. However, this figure doesn’t reflect all crashes that involved alcohol. Alcohol wasn’t a direct cause of some crashes. 

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